"Wake Up" as written by Aaron R. Bruno and William Mohler....
[Repeat: x3]
Wake up

Wake up, well it's nice to meet ya
Do you have a name?
'Cause I would like to teach you, baby
Alright, if it's unfamiliar
When the sharks are swimming
We will watch them kill ya, baby
Yeah, you
I'm a little shocked
'Cause I can see the future
Lookin' through your eyes
Don't you fall asleep, don't you fall
It's only gonna take a little time

Before we start to lose our minds
We're leavin' all the haters behind
Before the sun decides to hide
I know you think I'm maybe out of line
I'm scared to love what we love most
It's only gonna take a little time
Before we start to lose our minds

Wake up
Well it's nice to know ya
Have you learned to fly?
'Cause I would like to show ya, baby
If it's unfamiliar
When I taste your face
Then I can break the mirror, baby
Yeah, you
I'm afraid to hide
'Cause I can live today
Before I say goodbye
Don't you fall asleep
Don't you fall
It's only gonna take a little time


Take some time to breathe
Let's take some time to breathe
From the desert to the sea
It's the same for you and me
When you say you'd rather bleed
Is it really what you're thinking
Let's take some time to breathe
Out, yeah
It's only gonna take a little time

[Chorus: x3]

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"Wake Up" as written by William Mohler Aaron Bruno


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    My Interpretationwhat this says to me is, he is starting to like if not fall for someone, but hes been hurt time and again, he is being held back by the past. He can see himself with his girl ( cause i can see the future lookin through your eyes) hes afraid of the negative possibilities. I think hes telling himself to wake up and snap out of it, before shes gone. He is also asking her not to fall asleep or dont give up and just leave him, things are going to take time. I am going through something like this right now, and i am the girl.
    viggogirl22on April 12, 2011   Link
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    Song MeaningWake Up is about exactly that,WAKE UP from your zomble sleep. He would like to teach her the way of light. if you don't want to learn then we will let you go back to the sharks.
    He is shocked she doesn't get it, and the future of most who won't get it.
    Asking not to fall back into zombie sleep, because she will fall.
    before we start to lose our minds is we are going into to spiritual level not logical mind thinking level . (leaving all the haters behind) the world will be divided in to 2 ,ones who stay at this lower vibration and those who go to the other earth 5th dimensional higher vibration. Before the 3 days the sun hides. and so on...if you don't understand this much you won't understand it anyhow.
    1111Paxon August 14, 2012   Link
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    General Commentim the guy going through almost exactly what viggogirl22 said, but i have a vibe that its more than just that, sleep tends to represent not just an end, but depression, i think if we combine the info we got out of sail we will find that he happens to believe that it wont just end the relationship, but the whole friendship
    pinkbunny713on August 25, 2011   Link
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    My OpinionWake up to The Truth of the gospel. Wake up to almost all of AN's songs being about this <3
    sarah11044on July 12, 2017   Link

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