"For Victory Or Death" as written by Ted Oscar Lundstroem, Olavi Mikkonen, Johan Soederberg, Karl Andersson and Hans Hegg....
Has come to wash our shame away
To erase the image of defeat
Have licked our wounds, restored our strength
And our vengeance will be oh so sweet

They thought they had us down
That we'd never rise again
They will learn that they were deadly wrong
What's owed will be repaid

Again we'll feed the wolves
And then vengeance will be ours
We'll split their skulls and spill their guts
Upon the frozen ground
Yeah, we'll never kneel again
Not to deity nor men
Now they'll taste our bitter hate
What's owed will be repaid

So raise the flag once more
And the eagle will be fed
Once again we march to war
For victory or death

They arrived with talk of hvitekrist
By force they wanted us to kneel
With their swords held to our throats they preached
But we will make them pay we'll take their lives away

So Raise!
Raise the flag once more
In the east the eagle will be fed
Again we march to war
We will march for victory or death
The pain and suffering
Is but a bleak and distant fading dream
Our disgrace; a withering thought
Finally our names will be redeemed

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"For Victory or Death" as written by Olavi Mikkonen Ted Oscar Lundstroem

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    Song MeaningThis song goes along with Amon Amarth's theme of the Pagan "vikings" turning on the Christians (Romans at the time) who forced them to convert from the year 350 onwards, more than 1000 years ago. Hvitekrist is norwegian for "white christ" or more accurately, Jesus Christ. The line:
    "They arrived with talk of hvitekrist
    By force they wanted us to kneel"
    describes the violence that took place during this conversion.

    Odin, the norse god of, among other things, war, victory, battle, death, wisdom and prophecy is said to have often transformed himself into this an eagle, both to view the workings of the world and to intervene when an avian form was better suited to his ends. Hence the line:
    "So raise the flag once more
    And the eagle will be fed
    Once again we march to war
    For victory or death"
    Is honoring the memory\spirit of Odin with the concept of Victory and Death.

    On a personal note, this album has made me realize how heavily anti-christian Amon Amarth is. Not that this is a negative thing as this is an amazing song, album and band.
    MrNick01on April 01, 2011   Link
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    My OpinionYeah, at the point of a sword. Kind of reminds me of militant Islamics. Convert or die. Oh and let's not forget the Catholic church (Rome and post Rome).
    azredheadon March 23, 2016   Link
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    Song MeaningThis song is about how glorious Rome converted the heathen north.
    KingQuestionon February 19, 2014   Link

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