"I Feel Wrong (Homosexuality Pt 1)" as written by and James Allan....
Confused desires since my teenage years
I'm the same homo my family fears
For my blue eyed boy there's a long distance longing
My behind closed doors fantasies going on
And I feel wrong

Forgive me father for I have sinned
I must confess it's brothers with my eyes that I undress
Once a day I think about killing myself
I can't carry on I must be strong even though it hurts as I sing this song
And I feel wrong

God it's only love
God for how long will I feel wrong?

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"I Feel Wrong" as written by James Allan

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I Feel Wrong (Homosexuality Pt 1) song meanings
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    General Commenta belter of a new album, it must be said :) quite straight forward meaning that he is depressed because hes gay.

    confused desires since my teenage years (he has being unsure of his sexuality for years since he has being younger)
    i'm the same homo my family fears (he can't pretend that he isn't gay so is admitting to his family, even though they know that they will just deny it & give him grief for his sexuality)
    for my blue eyed boy there's a long distance longing (he has an urge to be with a guy)
    my behind closed doors fantasies going on (he obsesses over guys on his own, but is too afraid to come out of the closet)
    and i feel wrong ( could be either talking about how he thinks homosexuality isn't normal so doesn't feel comfortable being gay or it could be saying that he doesnt feel right while he is with a girl because hes gay)

    forgive me father for i have sinned (adressing god in a prayer or asking for forgiveness from his dad for having a gay son)
    i must confess it's brothers with my eyes that i undress (hes admitting that he has sexual desires with guys and not girls)
    once a day i think about killing myself (his fear about admitting to being gay is making him suicidal)
    i can't carry on i must be strong even though it hurts as i sing this song (he knows that hes got to face up to his feelings but is finiding it extremely difficulty to come to terms with his sexuality)
    and i feel wrong

    god it's only love (hes starting to question how significant ones sexuality and relationships really are)
    god for how long will I feel wrong? (hes sure its a phase and is questioning how long it will be until he can be normal and straight)
    sheslostcontrol16on April 21, 2011   Link
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    General CommentThis song is just so beautiful. It captures feelings that I don't know how to even to type. I am not gay, I don't know or think that the singer is even gay but I understand what he is trying to convey. However, the first time I heard this song, I didn't know the title or what it was even about and related it to my own shit. I heard the melody and ache and fell in love with it. I love this song and love this band. The real meaning to me is something else. I think anyone who is not feeling "right" can get into this and get completely lost. Love, love love.
    nicolemusicon June 14, 2011   Link
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    General CommentWhere do I start? This is something I really needed to hear. I am gay and come from a very christian home. It has been extremely hard to come to terms with what I feel. Even though I have come out to my family they honestly think it's just a phase. They don't realize that this is part of me. I grew believing in God and several times I have wondered "God how long will this go on?" Some days I wish I was straight so I wouldn't have to deal with upsetting my family.

    Today was extremely rough because the guy I totally fell for turned out to be the biggest ass hole. When I heard these lyrics it totally calmed the emotions and anger inside of me. Thank you Glasvegas!
    lklklkon July 01, 2011   Link

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