"Change" as written by and James Allan....
Mama, I feel so scared
For three years
Liberty and walking free
Was every night my fantasies
Mama, I feel so afraid
Swallow me up the open gates
The unknown awaits
Wish I was back in the comfort of my own cage
Cause I don't think could ever ever change

Son, don't be scared. don't be afraid.
Let's earn each others love
And never until its something unconditional
Son, bring back that smile again,
Be led not into temptation
Dare to resist reoffending again
Son, truly, it's never too late to change

Mama, my street as I remember is still the same
Wonder what the people round here say?
Son, only you can turn things the other way
I think my friends have all gave up on me
Untie your chains, reach out in apology
Then dance dance dance into the the future with me
Beware the fences the prison defences, and the lies they say
Inside these walls commitments involuntary
Only the lonely in this correctional facility's
Isn't it sad, isn't it a pity.

In the still of every night I pray
For the damaged who'll be loved unwillingly
From in a place, no man truly ever walks away

Mum I'm so sorry for what I've put you through
I will change for you

Son, a change is sometimes good
But before you change for me
Change for you.

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"Change" as written by James Allan

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    Song MeaningCant believe this has no comments! It's a beautiful song

    It's pretty clear what this is about- someone has gone to prison and is afraid and all he can think of is getting out & apologising to his mum because of his actions. The spoken bit at the end is read by James' mother, I believe.
    Hutchy1on June 21, 2011   Link
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    General CommentI actually think it's about someone who has been in prison for the last three years and has been wanting to get out. However, now that he actually IS getting out, he is afraid of the freedom and the possibility of making the same mistakes again (not being able to change no matter how much he wants to). He is afraid of the responsibility the freedom brings, as he's used to being "safe" in prison where he can't commit crimes. Freedom means that the choice is his, he has to resist all the temptations he faces. In prison there were no such temptations so it was easier to act in a non-criminal way, but after getting out he is in the same position as he was before, so why would he not go back to his old ways? Outside prison there are also people who know what he's done and will treat him as the person he was before: it is more than possible and easy to be that person again (even though he doesn't want to). The mum is understanding and tries to encourage the son. He loves his mum very much and wants to make her proud, therefore trying to change for her (although being unsure of whether or not he can). She points out that in order to make things better he has to change for himself, not for her.
    songsongsongon October 28, 2011   Link

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