Well I never wanted to
Know the real you
Uncovered and all
And I never wanted to
See the real me
Love you at all

And I'm paralyzed from you
From the lips down
And all the way down
But I'm deep inside of you
But you feel nothin
You feel nothin

But I think I heard your voice
But I never heard nothin
I never heard nothin
And I think I heard you speak
But I never heard nothin
I never heard nothin

But I found another match
She says we'll make it
So long as I don't break it
But I’d give it all up
Just to hear you say
That you love me

And I think I heard your voice
But I never heard nothin
I never heard nothin
And I think I heard you speak
But I never heard nothin
I never heard nothin

And I'm waiting for the day
For you to say somethin
Just say somethin
And I'm going to start to pray
That you'll say somethin
Just say somethin

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Never Heard Nothin song meanings
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    My InterpretationIt sounds like he/she was in love with a woman who couldn't open up to him and let him know she loved him. He just wanted to know why she couldn't love him/her or if she did why she couldn't express it
    jrosejunkon June 30, 2011   Link
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    My InterpretationI feel like I can relate to this song somewhat. The person whom I have loved for the past three years has decided to cut off all ties one day. In other words, I got ghosted. Now keep in mind, this is someone who I have shared my innermost soul with, and she has done the same to me. The love we shared was deep and meaningful, so the fact that she suddenly wanted nothing to do with me anymore caught me off guard, and I still haven’t quite recovered from the relationship we shared.

    Now, before I continue, this may not even be what this song is about at all. I just think that my situation fits well with what may be happening in the song.

    In the first verse, it sounds like the narrator is lacking closure with his past relationship. There is supposedly a “real you” that he never got to know, and it sounds like he never will, because of the fact that she probably won’t talk to him ever again. This reminds me of how I got ghosted, and now I will never know why.

    In the second verse, the narrator says that he feels paralyzed, probably because she was such a huge part of who he was, and having that removed might have made him feel such a feeling. He also mentions that he is also deep inside of her, because their relationship was meaningful to her at one point, but at this point, it seems to him that their relationship means nothing to her anymore (“but you feel nothing”). Again, he will never know, because she most likely will never talk to him again.

    In the third verse, the narrator says that he thinks he heard her voice. I think that could mean that he was wondering whether or not she would reach out to him again. Since she loved him once, he feels that she may still love him deep down, and that she may be feeling the same way about this, and he’s waiting to hear back from her.

    In the fourth verse, it sounds like the narrator has found another lover, which is probably just his way of filling in the gaping hole that his former lover left in his heart. In the second half of the verse, he says that he would “give it all up” to hear her say that she still loves him, because he still loves her dearly and wants her back deep down.

    In the final verse, it becomes clear that the narrator is still not over his past relationship, and is praying for her to reach out to him, to “just say something”, but in the end, he probably never will and will have to live with it and move on.

    Everything that I just described is rooted in my experience after my most recent relationship. I’m not sure how to move on because I am lacking closure, and the fact that I may never know how she felt and why she left me makes me feel so empty. It feels like the hole she left in me can never be filled by anyone, because the relationship we shared over the past three years has done so much to shape who I am as a person, and when she left, she took a huge part of me away with her. Of course, she is not the only fish in the proverbial sea, but I feel like every new relationship I start is just me looking for her in someone else, so it just falls apart. There is not a lot that I would not give to have the opportunity to communicate with her one last time so we can both talk about what went wrong and how we can both grow from it.

    I probably went far too in-depth in my interpretation, but it may have also helped you see into what the author/narrator may have experienced when he wrote this song. Again, it might not even be close to what it was intended to mean. Either way, it felt really good to let all of that out. Thank you for listening to me rant, and I hope that this interpretation helped.
    PinkFernzon November 20, 2017   Link

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