stuck in this limbo
no idea
what comes next for us

we scrounge our hearts to find the happiness in
tears, a reason for all the bad that has happened in
this world all the while knowing the truth that men
do terrible things without reason and that in every
new born child rests great potential for both good
and evil. but don't lose hope, for without it we are
ruined. think not of worlds where smiles do not exist
or even where your fate is sealed with one kiss. lift
your heavy hearts and fill your tired heads with
warm salvation. tomorrow brings anew to what
today hath wrought wrong. fill your lungs and
scream these songs.

the future is wasted on the young. we fill our nights
with cheap beer, empty promises, and plans that go
nowhere. we can't see far down this road, there's
no telling. the old look back on us and smile, our
faces are like mirrors to them. but if they had our
time, it would not go wasted.

the future is wasted on the young
we build foundations of sticks and mud
they are certain to fall
the old look back and smile at us
our faces! they reflect their own
misguided opportunities
and situations not taken advantage of

but i won't die without a fight
not tonight

i want to be so tangled in you that i don't know my
left from right,
up from down, falling from failure
lips, skin, teach, breathing me in
don't stop breathing
why aren't you breathing?
she isn't breathing

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