go ahead and let it out(2x)
bounce with me bounce with me (2x)
can i hit it in the mornin
without givin you half of my dough
And even worse if I was broke would you WANT ME?
If I couldn't get you finer things
like all of them diamond rings bitches KILL FOR
would you STILL ROLL?
If we couldn't see the sun risin off the shore of Thailand
would you RIDE THEN, if I wasn't DRIVIN?
If I wasn't ah, eight figure nigga by the name of Jigga
would you come around me or would you clown me?
If I couldn't flow futuristic would ya
put your two lips on my wood and kiss it - could ya
see yourself with a nigga workin harder than 9 to 5
contend with six, two jobs to survive, or
do you need a BALLA? So you can shop and tear the MALL UP?
Brag, tell your friends what I BOUGHT YA
If you couldn't see yourself with a nigga when his dough is low
Baby girl, if this is so, yo
is this so
can i get a fuck you
Can I get a FUCK YOU
to these bitches from all of my niggaz
who don't love hoes, they get no dough

Can I get a WOOP WOOP
to these niggaz from all of my bitches
who don't got love for niggaz without dubs?(repeat)
can i get a twirt twirt bounce bounce clap clap (repeat)
whatcha doin girl with that all that
up n down up n down
man that booty real fat
round n round
man i like the way you move that
man i wanna screw that
knock that pussy out the park
hit it like a ball bat
fall back n squeeze
for the piece this is work
you must be a stripper
or new member of the twirt team
bounce in that thing in them jeans
got it jerkin
bustin out the seams in them jeans
god its working
make that thing clap
g string new spaces
down south girls love to do the freakin dancin
bunch of corn bread fed never scared open legs
lady in the streets but a real freak in the bed
yah yah yay
twirt twirt twirt that ass (repeat)
move that ass let the right gon work that ass
please tell us why, please tell us why
you have to cry your way for so long, so long

Hey there mister blue
We're so pleased to be with you
Look around see what you do
Ev'rybody smiles at you

you won't be around next year
my rap's too severe, kickin mad flava in ya ear
here comes the brand new flava in ya ear
time fo new flava in ya ear
i'm kickin new flava in ya ear
here comes the brand new flava in ya ear
time fo new flava in ya ear
i'm kickin new flava in ya ear
mack's the brand new flava in ya ear

We Pop Champagne

We Pop Champagne
How We Ball In The Club, I Know You Hate It
Mommy Dancing On The Floor, All Like She Naked
When She Lay Down With You, I Know She Fake It
All The Girls Give It To Me, I Dont Gotta Take It

Pop Champagne
Pop Champagne
We Pop Champagne
We Pop Champagne

A lime to a lemon remind you of the sky when im fuckin and we on cloud nine for that minute
Admire your style and your physique
and I aint trying to critique but you deserve a good drink, so whats up?
What you sippin on? Its no problem
Black and gold models like im pro-New Orleans
but shawty im far from a saint but I got two A-mex's that look the same way
Wale, D.C. thats me huh, my Prada say Prada and they Prada say Fela
I aint gotta tell ya they know about me huh
Come to D.C. and I can make you a believer
See baby im a leader they always from a Libra
And I aint trying to lead you wrong sugar I need ya
So would you please listen to what Imma need from you
Not for tonight, but for tomorrow's amnesia

Ugly girls be quiet (quiet), pretty girls clap(clap) like this (x6)

I'm a let you
Be the captain
I'm a let you
Do your thing, yeah
I'm a let you
Be a rider
Giddy up
Giddy up
Giddy up, babe

I'm a let it
Be fire
I'm a let you
Take me higher
Baby we can
Get it on
Yeah we can get it on

Do you like it boy?
I wa-wa-want
What you wa-wa-want
Give it to me baby
Like boom, boom, boom
What I wa-wa-want
Is what you wa-wa-want
Na, na
Ah, ah

Come here
Rude boy, boy
Can you get it up
Come here
Rude boy, boy
Is you big enough
Take it, take it
Baby, baby
Take it, take it
Love me
Love me

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