Hold you hand to the fire
And your eyes to the sky
They're just different shades of cellophane
Taped against the lights.
Faulty seams, drawn on plastic leaves
Past and future replicas
Past and future streams
Hold your head underwater
And try to see if you can breathe
Or if you drown in the shallow
depths of your belief�
Because somewhere there must be a better place
Here you call to your neighbor
Only to see the track is set and they're
Walking back and forth in a circle
Saying the same words
Making their lips sync
In time with psalms on Sunday mornings
And all their hearts align with pale fire
So call the appear ambulance
To trace the paper cuts
Don't call on me, I'm a plastic reed
Bending in the feigning wind
Of artificial fields
Then you read the paper
Of a woman's early death
And note explaining why she left
It says:
"Somewhere there must be a better place
And it's marked with the fountain I've seen
glowing in my sleep."
And so you want to die and leave this shadow land behind
To eviscerate the truth from the lie
Because somewhere there must be a better place
What we thought was a fountain of life and light
turns out to be a
Mountain crushing down upon us, casting it's shadow
Closing the distance
between us and Babylon
And all our songs
are just the sounds of past and future days
Past of future names
Collapsing around us

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Past and Future Ruins song meanings
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    General CommentI love this line the most. The metaphor is completely perfect.

    "Don't call on me, I'm a plastic reed
    Bending in the feigning wind
    Of artificial fields"

    Reeds are thin plants that bend in whatever direction the wind blows, much like people. Whether it be religion (and I definitely think this song is about religion), or something else, people tend to blow with the wind. People can easily become followers of trends, ideas, or religion without having a strong belief in them (shallow belief). Also, the emphasis that it is a plastic reed in an artificial field implies that it is not natural. Plants come from the earth and are supposed to be natural, but since they're plastic they're not real. They're merely imitating something that is real. I'm personally atheist, but I think faith is something natural and real, and sometimes people follow a religion that they don't believe in. Also, when I think of plastic, I think of something manufactured, where every product looks the exact same as the others.

    I think this song is urging to find your own beliefs and decide for yourself what you believe in (Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, or whatever it may be...doesn't even have to be organized religion)

    I like that it doesn't bash religion too.
    fingerprints4on January 27, 2012   Link
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    General CommentSo call the paper ambulance
    ciesl279on April 12, 2011   Link
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    General CommentThis is about how people struggle with living in this world while trying to stay true to their faith in something unworldly.

    First verse: A lot of Christians will tell you this world transient or hollow. It isn't all there is and somewhere is something more like Heaven. When you're hurting in this world and need advice to stay true to Christ it can be real hard to find the right people to speak to. Let’s be honest, there are some people who're just as hollow as the world simply going through the motions making their lips sync for what ever reason. Maybe because they were taught to as kids and it became habitual, their friends were doing it so they think it's cool and they followed the hype, or whatever.

    Second verse: Because of that, it's best to go get the answers yourself! Don't ask, read! Let's call the paper ambulance the Bible that can trace the paper cuts, or mend the pains that come from life. Don't call on people because chances are they're just as lost/ confused/ desperate as you. The song then talks about someone who couldn't stand it anymore. All things have failed her so she takes her own life to see for herself what's on the other side.

    The ending is my favorite part. Even I think religion feels more like a mountain of names, values, and laws weighing on us rather than fill us up with hope like a fountain of light. It’s so much harder being religious because you’re cautious of every little move you make, always trying to do the right thing even though it hurts. More times than not your love for God, or rather your views on how to love God, turn against you. Some people take it too far like those in Babylon. You hear a lot about Christians who use racism, sexism, or ageism instead of love to make a point. No doubt we’ve all heard some go on to say its okay to hate homosexuals.

    Side note: What I like most about this track is that it doesn’t bash religion but simply states how rough it is to follow nowadays with so many people ruining it.
    DavidBrookson June 09, 2011   Link

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