"#STUPiDFACEDD" as written by and Eric Frederic....
S'all you got?
S'all you got?
That's all you got?

I don't put glue sticks in my nose and um
But my face pasted to linoleum
Kitchen floor shit
Some college dorm shit

Face down in a bloodstained carpet
Get chicks at the farmers' market
White girls buy produce
Take them home, make them drink Grey Goose

White boy wasted
Glue stick pasted
White boy wasted
Glue stick pasted
Stupid faceded
Stupid faceded
Stupid faceded

I drink a can of Sparks and try to freestyle
Ex-girlfriend's on speed dial
Oh that's a drunk dial, drunk sexting
Drunk stagger, drunk swagger

I don't rap good, it don't matter
Can't sing good, it don't matter
Cause I'm blacked out sleepwalking
On a quest for God at my friend's apartment

White boy wasted
Glue stick pasted
White boy wasted
Glue stick pasted
Stupid faceded
Stupid faceded
Stupid faceded

When I say "awkward" y'all say "silence"

Super Soaker filled with Four Loker
Plus SoCo, real gross yo
I go ham and cheese on rolls
That's a metaphor. Another metaphor:

Like icing on a Cinnabon
Like a hot chick that ain't no fun
Listen, I'ma teach you a lesson
Let's start at number

One: Sleep is the best way to save money
Two: Money is the best way to have sex
Three: Sex is the best way to feel nothing
Four: Nothing happens if you're asleep

So stay up until you wake up

Stupid faceded
Stupid faceded
Stupid faceded

Stupid faceded
Stupid faceded
Stupid faceded

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"#STUPiDFACEDD" as written by Eric Frederic

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    General Commentthis song is the best thing i've heard in a while
    ROBOFROon March 01, 2011   Link
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    General Commentbrilliant! college theme songgg
    ktbaby6592on May 15, 2011   Link
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    General Commentgjjg0620, I seriously hope your trolling... Otherwise I've lost all faith in humanity. I'm not saying everything your saying is wrong but you WAY over analyze the lyrics. You sound like a 10 year old that researched this and wrote a paper for English about the song. Like there's no debate at all that Grey Goose Vodka is more classy than a 40 oz, because its about $35 more expensive for roughly the same quantity.

    Your biggest screw up is in misinterpreting the end and best part of the song:
    "One: Sleep is the best way to save money" -pretty simple even you got that
    "Two: Money is the best way to have sex" -you could argue that he's talking about prostitution or like you said having a lot of money is appealing to a lot of women so I'll give you that.

    "Three: Sex is the best way to feel nothing" -I doubt he's talking about getting off stress, but more rather the empty feeling that accompanies empty sex, i.e. just sex and not the more full of feeling making love; if you weren't a virgin you'd understand.
    "Four: Nothing happens if your asleep" -pretty straight forward, but you missed that he started and ended with sleep making a poetic loop.
    "So stay up till you wake up" -Complete party reference. He means stay up and party till you black out and wake up the next day. Total college party thing to do because it's not like you remember going to sleep, because well you don't even remember what you did before you passed out.

    It's quite simply a song about getting wasted and having a great time partying, not something deeper.
    Xenos8on August 26, 2011   Link
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    General CommentThese guys are so much fun. Just checked out their video for Good 4 It and I'm loving it! smarturl.it/…
    mackypaon April 21, 2013   Link
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    Song MeaningWallpaper comes from a city in the northern part of California called Oakland. Although Oakland has produced many rappers such as Too Short and E-40, Wallpaper distinguishes himself from these "hyphy" movement based rappers by referencing aspects of the Bay Area that apply more to his life as a "white boy" (as seen in the chorus line "white boy wasted").

    For example, Wallpaper references "college dorm shit". Unlike traditional "hyphy" lyrics, Wallpaper references college culture because his audience is more likely to relate to college partying.

    Additionally, the line "Get chicks at the farmers' market" indicates that Wallpaper identifies with a community that frequents farmers markets. This choice of location to attract females would be atypical of "hyphy" song lyrics.

    Furthermore, the line "White girls buy produce" acknowledges the white hipster subculture of Oakland with which he identifies. "Take them home, make them drink Grey Goose" contrasts with references to "Hennessy" and "40's", both types of alcohol that are frequently referenced in "hyphy music". Grey Goose is commonly viewed as "classier" choice than "40's".

    Wallpaper goes on to mention the fact that he doesn't "rap good, it don't matter" and that he "can't sing good. it don't matter". He acknowledges the fact that although the quality of his singing and rapping is not the best, the song is carried by its heavy dance beat and entertaining lyrics (similar to the Cataracts, another Bay area rap group appealing to the same white, hipster subculture). This is different from traditional rap music which places an emphasis on poetic lyrics and the quality of the rapping itself.

    The lines "Cause I'm whacked-out sleepwalking, On a quest for God at my friend's apartment" reference hallucinations he may undergo while recreationally using drugs, presumably in apartment parties or the college dorm parties that he references earlier.

    The lines "When I say 'awkward' y'all say 'silence', Awkward ... Awkward ..." is a reference to the frequent use of the word "awkward" amongst young white people in the Bay area, particularly in more suburban areas.

    The lyrics "One: Sleep is the best way to save money, Two: Money is the best way to have sex, Three: Sex is the best way to feel nothing, Four: Nothing happens if you're asleep, So stay up until you wake up" comedically mimics the logic behind the transitive property. His "logic" is as follows:
    Saving money is a common concern of young people, particularly college students. Because of the opportunities for entertainment that money provides, money gives individuals greater influence within their social circles. This influence may facilitate attempts at seduction, leading to sexual intercourse. Sexual intercourse is a way to avoid living in reality by forgetting the pressure and responsibilities in one's life (in other words, to "feel nothing"). However, sleeping has an associated opportunity cost because one cannot seduce people while they are non-cognizant. Thus, one must be awake in order to have experiences like sexual intercourse. Thus one must "stay up until you wake up," where "waking up" refers to enjoying one's life and, probably, living recklessly.

    In conclusion Wallpaper represents a deviation from the established rap genre in the Bay area by catering to the white, hipster subculture of the Bay instead of more ghetto communities within the Bay. He encourages his listeners to live their lives to the fullest, even if this involves getting "wasted" and trips to the farmers' market.
    gjjg0620on March 08, 2011   Link

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