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Verse 1:
Been thinking back on all the crazy shit we used to do
90 percent of my life was always spent with you
Growing up as childhood friends
Together till the end
Actin crazy like some crackheads
So much I wish I could've said
When you left it took us all by suprise
It killed me for weeks, I couldn't keep my eyes dry
When I got the phone Call
He's gone
It was a terrifying thought
And my heart just seemed to drop
Everyday is harder, it never gets easier
Missing them days when we ask is that him, is he here
Instead of now where where we wish you was here
In our hearts you stay near
We had our ups and we had our downs
But with you we could never stay mad or keep a frown
Me, you, and Jesse the dirt road walkers
Comes as no suprise, yeah no damn shocker

Chorus (2x)
K.E.D we miss you
Oh we miss you
Watching over us high above we miss you
Waiting for that day where we can see your face
Yeah we miss you oh we miss you

Verse 2:
That horrible night still plays in my brain
Over and over it plays nothing feels the same
It has been a long, hard, lonely road for all of us
I still think of you when i see fire, eagles, or some dust
Something just as simple as eating a watermelon
Makes me think of when we stole one, guess we them gooseneck felons
Have so many memories remaining in my head
Still cant take the the thought that your really gone and dead
Whether we was tearing up the back roads, or just messing around
When you was around
No one could keep a frown
We wasn't as close as we should've been
But you always had Slater and Jesse when you needed them
At your funeral me and Wiley cried our eyes out
And we both got outside screamed and shouted
But I guess im here to deliver a message straight to you
From your family and friends we're all missing you

Repeat Chorus (2x)

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