they feed us lies on the end of a spoon,
they say if we can get a man on the moon,
don't you think we know what's best?
and don't you think we know what to invest,
in the future of your world.

but see it's yours and it's mine,
yeah we share the stage,
we share the plate,
yeah we share the time,
but i doubt if you asked me to die for my country,
that i would confess, that i would say yes,
but i'd die for this planet,
c'mon throw up your hands,
it's the least you can do, the least you can do.

so throw all of your money at my crazy ideas,
i might call it a religion,
feed on all of your fears,
preach lies into your ears.

i'm singing oh. oh.

so you wake up one day
and you're poor and your old,
have no fear, for my child,
your soul has been sold,
and i keep it close by in a draw i don't use,
in the back of my storeroom,
with the fire and the fuse,
that i never did light, and will one day expire,
and will cease to exist, along with all of these songs,
that i sing in my kitchen,
all my neighbors do hear,
as they're closin' their blinds,
it's past their bedtime,
and they wish i would stop,
but i can't ever stop,
and i won't ever stop no.

these words fill my head, spill onto the page,
it's all that i know, i can't earn an honest wage.

so you fill up my case with your coins and your haste,
you don't even listen,
just pity my desperate : please hear us play.
won't you please, please, hear us play,
let's go.

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