There's a path, lined with pines, and some spray-painted steel
and some brains, like bikewheels, humming hornets
There are piles of notebooks and textbooks and things
ripped by teachers from lockers with no lock upon them
I see beads on our rosaries feed on our memories
each prayer correlates to my conscience
Teach me each nuance of God
teach me how to sin right

Show me the face of the Virgin Mary
wash with the water of her mercy
while I lie in the parking lot bleeding
the brutal youth Costello's preaching
Show me the face of my old math teacher
took us to church and taught us proverbs
then he cheated on his wife with a colleague
while we watched some Spanish movie

I see John hugging her on the steps of the church
we learned much about love, but not the right kind
I see me, between the trees, with a menacing look
lost in thoughts way too grim for the 8th grade
Like, "How many miles in the sky must I be
to be happy, while air-loss kills thinking?
And at that high altitude, could that new bloodless brain
hold no guilt?"

Show me the face of Jesus smiling
not the ones where he's nearly dying
Christ, I love all you've done and stated
but your double-edged sword's too serrated
Show each phase of my social slumber
when I loved antique counter-culture
please don't stop this song in its tracks
I know it's rambling; let me point the point back
Let me point the point back

So I'll look him in the feet
and I'll tell him that I can calm down
But I'm stapled to defacement of desks
and I can't stop now
and the best little thoughts will arrive when I circle the school
so to make sure the messages project,
I need bigger tools

When I write,
"Fuck it, you'll fly just like I am when without,
and believe me, I'm going and gone
with no ripcord allowed!"
So I hope that these markers
dried so tight to the bricks
so that when this building's torn down,
the sentiment sticks

The sentiment sticks
it'll always exist
the sentiment sticks
it'll always exist
and with every second
replaying every day,
it's hard to live like this

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