"Dynamite Steps" as written by and Gregory E Dulli....
Memories to crucify
Are sent below
I suppose
I suppose

To me
A truer lie was never told
Now you know
Now you know

Some speak of a light
Control of the game
But I leave the past alone

Beckoning in the night
And a wolf in the wings
I was the last to know

As rain turns a fire
To ember
There you were
There you-

And I feel that it's my
Turn to fall
Now you know
Now you know

They'll scream and recite
Your words from their cage
As I lead the lamb below

Do or die
In control of the same
I'll see you at the door

One more time, dear
This I know

One more time, dear
This I know

In a black sky
Where your dreams collide
Push your faith aside
And you'll realize

That you can't lie
What you feel inside
Nowhere to hide
You're melting

Your medicine is faith
And your flesh divine
Tethered to the flame
Of a dying light
Break you on the wheel
And your bones we'll grind
You'll love me

You're never gonna feel
Like you felt last night
Ever wonder where went
Your guiding light?
Wake up in a field
With a second sight
You'll love me

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"Dynamite Steps" as written by Gregory E Dulli


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    General CommentI think this song is a love letter, so to speak, from the Devil to Jesus
    I think there are two sections, the first in which the Devil is surprised in a way as to this new covenant he is being subjected to, believing that he was always the one in power, always the one loved. And the second part, after he realizes that he may fall after all, he tries to convince Jesus that your God can't save you, that "you'll love me" instead

    "Memories to crucify are sent below, I suppose" This refers to sin, as in past transgressions, i.e. When a sin is committed, it is always referred to as "one sinned" hence a "memory". I think the Devil doesn't believe that it is those who sin that are sent to him. He believes that people came to him because they love him.

    "To me, a truer lie was never told, now you know" I think this reemphasizes the point above that he doesn't believe any of this, he always thought that all people loved him because 'everyone' comes to him i.e. sins.

    "Some speak of a light, control of the game, but I leave the past alone" I think the light refers to God, control of the game being the battle between Good and Evil. I think he(devil) is saying that the battle was over, as far as he was concerned, God had pretty much left the world alone for some time now. He leaves the past alone as well, no longer concerned about the game. In a sense the devil is in denial about the uprising against him that is about to happen

    "Beckoning in the night, and a wolf in the wings, I was the last to know" Once again he keeps hearing all these descriptions about himself, as deceitful, as one of the night, a just overall bad being, so to speak. But he doesn't believe it and in a way feels hurt by the accusations, still, once again, honestly believing that people love him

    "As rain turns a fire to ember, there you were" I think this could refer to the water of baptism in effect causing his "fire" to become that of an ember i.e. the coal of a dying fire. Before Jesus was crucified one of his first commandments was to be purified by water i.e. baptism. When the Devil noticed for the first time in a long time his power waning "there you were" i.e. Jesus

    "And I feel that it's my turn to fall, now you know" He's pretty much confessing that I realize now that this is real, I'm being challenged again by God and I know that this one's going to hurt. This line sets up the rest of the song for he goes at this point from the refusal to acknowledge what is going on to the attack

    "They'll scream and recite your words from their cage as I lead the lamb below" This is a direct reference to Jesus i.e. the Lamb. He's saying that I will pull your faithful down below in a cage

    Reckoning, do or die, in control of the same, I'll see you at the door" He's saying that, for the sake of my very existence, I will challenge you over the souls of people i.e. in control of the same. He will see Jesus at the door. The door representing Earth because it is through this life that we either enter Heaven or Hell

    "One more time dear, this I know" He knows that this is it, this is the final battle

    "In a black sky where your dreams collide, push your faith aside and you'll realize that you can't lie, what you feel inside, nowhere to hide, you're melting" He's going on the full offensive here trying to tempt Jesus, telling him that it is God that is lying to you, not him. You have nowhere to go except either God or me, the devil. "You're melting" refers to the night at Gethsemane where Jesus bled from every pore while he deliberated with God whether his sacrifice of himself should be made or not i.e. his faith was tested

    "Your medicine is faith and your flesh divine, tethered to a flame of the dying light, break you on the wheel and your bones we'll grind, you'll love me" He is saying to Jesus that he is on the wrong side, attached to the dying light implying that God is not the one you should follow. Follow me and after I "break you on the wheel" i.e. torture, you will find that you'll love me instead

    "You're never gonna feel like you felt last night, ever wonder where went your guiding light, wake up in a field with a second sight, you'll love me" He's implying to Jesus while he hangs on the cross that you're never going to feel the connection you felt last night with God in Gethsemane. He's abandoned you i.e. Jesus asks God "Why have you forsaken me?". He then goes on to something about "waking up in a field with a second sight" In the bible, especially in Psalms and also used be Jesus himself, a "field" is a representation of all that exists, i.e. the world. I think the devil is tempting Jesus one last time on the cross saying that after you die you will "wake up in this world with a different perspective, you'll love me, you'll see" I think the devil, in the end, honestly believes his statement. And of course, we know the rest of the story, or do we? Greg Dulli might of left the song at this point in the story of the God and the Devil to leave a cliffhanger. To imply that maybe Jesus wasn't really saved by God and raised up, but that maybe, just maybe, the devil might have won his soul!

    ****This is by far one of the best songs yet out of Dulli's genius mind. Here's some food for thought. The word Dynamite is rooted in the greek word "dunamis" which means "power" and the word steps means "passage" in it's old world definition whether in actual physical steps or in of the intangible. I might be going out on a limb with this one but the whole album is in the context of the devil speaking to us. So therefor the term Power Passage or Power Steps kind of fits nicely as almost a a title of a memoir from the devil

    mvbrown21on February 18, 2011   Link
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    General CommentWhat a great song by Dulli off this new album. It grows on you the more you listen. Not sure what it means (over my head on this one), but he is a musical genius both lyrically and musically.
    tsma120on March 03, 2011   Link

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