The crow arises
And steals the dreams from my eyes
Kneel down and kiss the ground
Stations of the new cross
Yet at the faintest light,
Even his conscious is eating him alive

I believe in
Regret for when the morning appears again
I believe in one regret to hold
You when the morning appears again

Dawn of devotion
Temporary nuance
I light fire to bait a prey
Simpler than you are
Though you don't believe I might
Even his conscious was eating him alive
Tell the world

I believe in
Regret for when the morning appears again
I believe in regret for when the sun appears again

The crown arises and plucks
The dreams from my eyes
The stations of the new cross

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Stations of the New Cross song meanings
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    General Commentit's "dawn of devotion"

    Lots of the Coloring book lyrics are incorrect.
    tkxxx7on February 15, 2011   Link
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    General CommentFirst few lines referring to the ferryman of Styx? In Greece it was a custom to leave coins over the eyes of the dead so Charon would take the souls of the dead to the afterlife, but if you couldn't pay, you were left in a kind of purgatory to wander for eternity.

    Here's where my memory gets fuzzy tho; i remember a bird being involved. A crow or raven perhaps? I thought the bird either collected the coins for Charon or it would steal them preventing the soul from entering the afterlife? Crows and ravens were regarded as a bad omen or even a symbol of death itself in literature and ancient mythology. "Nevermore" and such...

    Of course i could just be remembering wrong. If i were right it could provide context to the lyrics....

    *fingers crossed*
    chriszewskion April 05, 2011   Link
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    General CommentPoop.

    After a quick check, it seems i was mixing Charon with Phlegyas...…

    Although there is a crow involved in the Phlegyas tale, and it does "steal the dreams" from someone's eyes, so to speak, by snitching to Apollo of an affair. I think its reaching quite a bit.

    Couldn't find any references to a crow/raven and a ferryman of the dead :(

    Alas. Anyone Else?
    chriszewskion April 05, 2011   Link
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    General Comment2nd stab...


    Jumped at me all of a sudden. Crows scavenging a battlefield, soldier kissing the ground of his king and claims it for his Lord. Stations of a new cross! A reluctant soldier dealing with guilt of a war that he feels to be unjust as his faith has waned, but has pledged his life to serve yadayada? Stations of a new cross screams Crusades to me but it could be allegory for something more modern... And in that sense perhaps its told from the perspective of the defender? Kissing the ground makes sense there too especially at faintest (first/last) light.

    chriszewskion April 05, 2011   Link
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    My Interpretationthis I think song is the simplest out of all of them.

    Simple meaning: That this about living day to day after something regrettable/or tragic has happened, when you thought you had a break.

    Complex: The crow is night. When the sunrises, the crow flies and takes the safety of dreams from Daryl or someone else (I think he is singing in first person as someone else at first then sings as himself later). Stations of the Cross are shrines that depict the stages of jesus' death. From the point he's condemned to death to his crucifixion, finally paying the price for everyone's sin. Here, there is a NEW station of the cross. I think it's another trial that someone had thought they've been done with. Maybe the station of the cross is metaphor for life, or just this certain event. There is a station you have to get through before redemption, but another trial of life shows up before you get there.

    And someone is trying to help the sufferer get over this event ("Dawn of Devotion...Light the fire to bait a prey). The prey I'm guessing is the depression that the sufferer? ("simpler than you are") something that can he (thinks) can be fixed easily. But is making things a bit more complicated ("temporary nuance," "even though you don't believe i might")

    In conclusion:
    Sufferer: Going through tough times again (a new station of the cross)
    Daryl: A friend who's trying to help (dawn of devotion)
    Then the last part is basically the sufferer making know his pain. As in reciting a prayer or article of faith. (I believe in regret...)
    elitestreeton October 04, 2011   Link
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    My OpinionIMO the suggestion of the imagery of the crow being inspired by a Greek myth of a psychopomp raven; while I don't believe is THAT farfetched, doesn't totally fit as well as the suggestion of the crow being a metaphor for the night (and thus fear, death & uncertainty). To me, makes a lot of sense with the other lyrics regarding the fleeting dawn. The song overall, seems too vague to imply such a deep, unexplored motif like that of the mythological allegory. If such a story were the inspiration, I feel it would have been made more clear, or at least hinted at with more detail or parallel....
    gigaShamanon December 10, 2017   Link
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    General CommentI read it as somebody expressing a general feeling of regret in life, who's mourning the loss of innocence/naivete (that comes with age, & its inevitability) with a heavy sigh. Racked with the guilt & shame of wasted time, day by day passes him and he feels like he has no control... and is aimlessly stuck in this foggy perpetual state of numb surrender.
    gigaShamanon December 10, 2017   Link

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