I hope contempt for God as well
And his faux religion
We undersell
If I've reason to believe
To soul lies to itself
I'll show them mercy
But will I lie to myself?

And again you'll find
A miracle in inches I know you will

I hold contempt for her majesty
She answers only to charity
Ready my head for disbelief
But superstitions help
I show them mercy but do I lie to myself?
I'll hold contempt for God as well
(until he delivers by hand)

And again you'll find
A miracle in inches I know you will

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Miracles In Inches song meanings
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    My OpinionUnshakeable faith is unshakeable or God has a plan/is communicating and soforth.

    Basically it seems to me like its someone on the outside watching others looking and desperately wanting to find meaning where there is none, so they fabricate their own meaning. I get that the most from the line:

    "And AGAIN you'll find
    A miracle in inches I KNOW you will"

    Its even in the delivery of the verse, to my ear. "It never fails, yet again you desperately want to find meaning where there is none, and so you have"

    Example1: Girl cries blood. Its a sign from god to devout worshipers, but to someone less faithful its a medical condition.

    Example2: Man gets bonked on the head by whatever, goes to the hospital and has a MRI or something, docs find a tumor that would have otherwise gone unnoticed had said head not gotten bonked. Miracle or Coincidence?

    or maybe its something as unassuming as a peice of toast that has a burnt section that could be interpreted as being in the shape of a man with a beard.

    It could also be more general. It dosen't seem like a knock to acknowledging a higher power exactly, but more like, "why wouldn't you question the things happening around you rather than just accepting what you're 'fed' or what is 'the norm'"
    "So the world ISN'T flat?! The Earth is NOT the center of the universe?! And we are but passengers on a small rock in a mind bogglingly huge and old universe containing uncountable heavenly bodies?! Blasphemy!!!" (reaching here but it serves the point)

    Dunno. Thats just what i get from "Miracle in Inches" at this late hour. -great song tho. Darly sounds as good as ever. Maybe better?
    chriszewskion April 05, 2011   Link
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    General CommentI think this can be interpreted a few ways, as any good song should, but the most obvious I see is his question of religion. Relating it to Her Majesty like God is a ruler and all the "miracles" can be measured in inches being that they're not strong enough to help him strengthen his belief.
    Just an idea though.

    The album is so fucking good!!
    jayefon March 24, 2011   Link
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    General CommentI don't think this song is about God at all. Miracle in inches could mean a man's junk and The song is about a girl who was Christian or something and cheated on him or something. Maybe I'm looking into too much.
    njmcfreakon May 24, 2011   Link

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