Cotton Mather would find you
hard and joyless
you family doctor
would let you become paralyzed
after I crack open your head
with the log lady's log
take the bandana off your wrist
and use to keep your brains
from spilling out onto the asphalt
you'll see Caralee's skin there
Mike Hadreas
don't get used to this
your avenging angel's
battle cry
I don't know karate
but I know ka-razor
and before the tulip fades
you will look so dead zitted and surprised
that the shadow has extended to your
bashers grave
I just forgot what Jesus would do
but I remembered to wrap my tiny
hands around your mud boiled throat
Monsieur Hadreas
don't say you are used to it
your avenging angel's
battle cry
be good
and kissed

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Kitten Revolution song meanings
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    General CommentHere's my take:

    Kitten Revolution is like the revolution of the cute, prissy and ... GAY. This song is, at heart, about being gay. I believe in the verses it is directed to a gay-basher, an intolerable and ugly person, and Jamie is shooting this one at them, whole-heartedly wishing them a punishment of some sort.

    Cotton Mather was a politician who had a huge role in the Salem witch trials, so he's hard and joyless himself.

    The log lady's log is the log lady from Twin Peaks (what other log lady is there?) and this is inferring that he will use knowledge and awareness (as the log is used as a prophet, so to speak) to bash this person's brains out.

    The bandana is just a personal description of what the person wears, a little jab at their character.
    Him finding Caralee's skin on the concrete is saying that she has been skinned in life against concrete as a gay person as well. This line is kind of akin to "a dose of your own medicine" or "an eye for an eye".

    Mike Hadreas is his friend, who is also Perfume Genius and is young and gay. I think the chorus is speaking to him from an elder's point of view, saying "don't get used to the acceptance of your friends," perhaps. I imagine that "Queers is pimps too," was something he might have said while drunk or in a large group, joking around, and Jamie is reading a lot into that line by declaring it as Mike's "avenging angel's battle-cry." It's beautiful in its ridiculousness, and is as funny as it is true. Queers is pimps too.

    "I don't know karate but I know ka-razor" is a James Brown reference, pretty much saying that "I don't know how to fight with technique but I can get CA-RAZY and kick your ass!"

    "you will look so dead zitted and surprised that the shadow has extended to your bashers grave" this person will be so shocked to find what he has coming to him, as a heartless queer-basher.

    By calling him Monsieur Hadreas in the last chorus, it's a grand and queer sounding title, also noting him of extreme importance. Maybe equally sarcastic as it is heartfelt.
    "Be good - inarticulate - and kissed" this is lamenting the young and ignorant enjoyment of life. And he ends by saying "Queers is gimps too," twisting the original refrain to show that queers are anybody and they can be ugly rejects in life as well.

    that's what I think at least.
    Coowon February 13, 2011   Link

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