I think you know what I’m here for
Taxi cab picked me up at the airport
Far away from the people I care for
I think I’m homesick
No shit, therefore
This better be worth a million dollars
Snowflakes falling the size of silver dollars
I dream of mikes and crowds
The sound they make when the lights go down
The cab moves slow in town
God damn, there’s a whole lot of snow on the ground
It’s got to be like 4 feet deep
Stop at a red brick house on Ward Street
This is my new home at least til I’m famous
And get some attention from one of the majors
Roommate writes for one of the papers
For guns cops raided one of my neighbours
And it was on the News
I watched then went out to pay some dues
Damn it’s freezing and hard to breath
Broke some ground it’s hard to leave
When you scrape together rent ain’t that a joke
I called home and begged my folks
They supported me from a distance
It could have been cause I lacked persistence

Glutton for punishment he’s back on a plane again
Guess what – it’s Christmas time again
This time he’s got some dough socked away
And some songs he wrote to put on display
Plus he understood the culture better
Started out like a personal vendetta
This time he wont starve, he’s working
A few lean years changed him as a person
He’s scared of mikes and crowds
Of jam packed places and what might go down
Competition is fierce, his position is worse
Can’t shake the suspicion he’s cursed
A lot of these rappers see through the façade
And put him on blast when he drops his guard
Toronto got softer but still looked hard
And they’d like nothing better than to pull your card
Did what he’d been conditioned to
His deck might have been missing a few
Nah, the cards were there for the most part
What he calls a career gets off to a slow start
Summer left and the cold winds came back
Homesick or some shit, he don’t blame that
Landlord issues
But no it ain’t that
If all else fails he’ll just claim that

It was the winter
It was cold
It was the cold winter

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