This is hate music
Punch you in the face music
Raise the murder rate music
Put em in the grave music
And we make music for the insane to relate to it
Hate music
Punch you in the face music
Raise the murder rate music
Put em in the grave music
And we make music for the insane, the insane

I dream up the hate in a steel mesh cage
Fuck a word, I’ll get a bayonet blade an edge waste
Break a record’s before their Set’s straight
While at God’s and Lucifer’s chess game and spot the move of the checkmate
I’ll blow my fuse and knock your lights out
And push you head first off the top of your moral high-ground
You know the deal
The first man to cross the arctic draggin’ a hundred huskies in a snow-mobile
Rhyme caught the psychotic rapper
Swallow bottled anger and transform like Doctor Banner
Had to zone out, there’s nothing left
Death penalty: Kickin’ a undercover Fed to a sudden death
Scared of my mirror image, I’m off the hook
While you’ve got no conviction like you’ve been acquitted
Woke in the grave when I died in my sleep
Afraid of the dark? Wait til we finally meet


Here’s my declaration of war, pray to The Lord
Name of my inner child: Damien Thorn
Live by the way of the sword
My name don’t ring bells (nah) it sounds Gabriel’s Horn
Chip off the old block of ?flats?
Lunges transform oxygen to a toxic gas
(Exhales) Release a breath
Need to be given lethal injections every hour to keep me dead
Turn green when seeing red, beat my chest
Rub shoulders at me: Freeze to death
I’m armed and dangerous
I carved the Star of David into the foreheads of mastered Masons
Incarcerated in a mic booth
It ain’t a simile when I say “I don’t like you”
My IQ’s double your sperm count
Impatient, slit my throat just to get this verse out


We the greatest that you’ve heard, right? (right)
Word life, love is blind and I couldn’t see it in the first
Til I was on the receiving end of her spite
And my bitch of my better half pulled out my worst side
So fuck love! We do this for the hate
Call my name, the force of course is sure to pray
Cross my heart hope you die
Don’t mean to tickle ribs when I say all jokes aside
I’m done with the past, I leave history
This the clique that I rep til the bitter end for the sweet victory
Possess his soul and see my switch blade stab
Fighting the person within in a rib cage match
Look, I’ve got hate in my eyes
Come equipped with a powerful weapon and armed a dangerous mind
So I’m a aim for the skies and when I shoot for the stars
Over my dead body you’ll be stayin’ alive


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