I only have memories of you
We were just kids, we met at a school
And you wrote your name onto my paper bill
And it's been with me for well over ten years

Did I waste too much time?
Did you make up your mind?

I wonder what you are like today
And if I'll ever get to feel your face
If I could go back I'd change a lot of things
And I'd make a butterfly flap it's wings

I'd change our course
I'd change our time
And who knows what things would have been like this time
And maybe one day you will hear this song
I just hope that it won't take too long

Did you make up your mind?
Did I waste too much time?

I just hope that it won't take too long.

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    General CommentThe underlined missing lyrics are "butterfly flap it's wings" :)

    Thank god for AmeriSkins using good music and introducing the viewers to it!

    This song is pretty easy to understand. The singer is addressing their grade-school crush, telling them that if he had the chance to go back and change things, he would tell him/her how he felt about them instead of regretting not doing so in the following years. At least, that's what I get from this.
    jerretsmannequinon February 08, 2011   Link
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    Translationi don't think it is necessarily "grade-school crush" but rather just that ultra-narcissist finally realizing that the one person who loved them all along (usually the one they thought was kinda pathetic and not at all what they wanted, but also the one they returned to every time they felt wounded) is actually the one they love/want/need. as such, the 1st person in the song is reconsidering, wondering if he/she could change the past, would it make the present or future more optimal?
    bootsieqon March 24, 2011   Link
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    My Interpretationalternately, it could actually be more in reference to the newness everyone feels in a relationship that has just begun, and the blindness that is a side-effect of that. we don't notice the flaws because we're caught up in the fascination. so the "did you make up your mind? did i waste too much time?" is kind of a translation to "did you realize i'm not perfect? should i have been trying to convince other people?" but that ultimately boils down to someone not feeling completely sure of themselves and needing reassurance.
    bootsieqon March 24, 2011   Link
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    General CommentI like the way everyone sees the meaning of some songs through their own filter.
    Some songs' meanings are pretty obvious, others are completely nonsensical, and still others (like this one) can have an infinite number of meanings, usually very dependent on each listener's experiences.
    cutewhensedatedon June 06, 2012   Link
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    General CommentLastly, the human heart dictates logic everytime.
    ALWAYSYOURS4EVERon March 24, 2011   Link
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    General CommentI DISAGREE WITH ALL OF YOU well the song is about a guy who fucked up with a girl after hes married and has kids he still not happy ad he realizes that that girl was the one he wanted to be with and they both feel the same way but their trapped by marriage simple like Id change our course id change our time like the echo is them agreeing in my mind but yknow who knows the real meaning of the song than the person who wrote it
    jaycce11on January 12, 2012   Link

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