(*So this is the ship they say is unsinkable.* *It is unsinkable, God himself could not sink this ship.* *I don’t see what all the fuss is about.* *You can be blaze about some things Rose, but not about Titanic.* *We’re goin’ to America! Full house boys!* *I go to America! Ha ha!* *steam whistle*)

Left the port on Wednesday on a boat known as the ship of dreams.

My fiancée is so stuck up that by Friday I just wanted to scream.

Then Jack Dawson came and Sunday night was a paradise.

Twelve twenty-three that White Star ship hit thirty tons of ice. (*crash!*)

I guess it was Titanic Monday.

Got frozen like a Sunday.

Was not a fun day.

My ‘face-oblivion’ day.

It happened on Titanic Monday.

Despite all his years at sea, Captain Smith just had no clue.

If the ship itself proved one thing, it’s that breaking up is hard to do.

Now my life’s a movie making millions, but I don’t know why.

How many chick flicks have you seen where over fifteen hundred people die?

(*Is there anyone alive out there?*)

I guess it was Titanic Monday.

The rafts are overrun day.

Call 9-1-1 day.

They’re all as dead as Ghandi.

It happened on Titanic Monday.

All of first class had all their heads up their ass except old Molly Brown.
Life boat, might float

They don’t understand that, no ship plus no land equals, we all will drown.
Come on down!

Leonardo’s films all end the same. I betcha ‘Kenny’ is his real name.
Oh my god, they killed DiCaprio! You bastards!

I guess it was Titanic Monday.

I can’t think of a pun day.

Crocodile Dun-day.

Please help me Obi-Wan day.

It happened on Titanic Monday.

I should have drove a Hyundai.

Or wrestled King Kong Bundy.

Than shown up on Titanic Monday.

I’m king of the worl-blluubluulbululbullbbb…

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