Homer: "Whatever happened to Sideshow Bob?"
Lisa: "Don't you remember, dad? He framed Krusty, he tried to kill Aunt Selma, he rigged an election..."
Bart: "And he tried to murder me!"
Homer: "Oh yeah....but what I'll mainly remember is the laughter."

Sideshow Bob, is my name,
Krusty's sidekick was my fame,
Until I got him framed,
For armed robbery.
I moved in, stole his show,
How was I supposed to know,
That a spikey haired troll
Would be the downfall of me?

Bart: "Sideshow Bob framed him! And I got proof!"

Bart Simp Sun
Had to come,
And ruin all my plans,
Bart Simp Sun
Don't have a
Cow, ma-a-an...

Bart & Lisa: "AHH! SIDESHOW BOB!"

Get revenge?
Well, no duh.
Tried to kill his Aunt Selma.
Stalked his family in a
Robert DeNiro-esque way.
Rigged the polls,
Ruled the town,
Made the TV's all shut down.
Burst the dam,
Hoped they'd drown,
But now I'm in the slammer to stay.

Sideshow Bob: "You'll live to regret this!"

Bart Simp Sun,
Got help from,
His sister,
Smart Lisa.
Bart Simp Sun
Aye Cara-hamba.

Bart Simp Sun
How's he come,
Up with all those retorts?
Bart Simp Sun
Eat my shorts,
Eat my shorts.

Bart Simp Sun, Bart Simp Sun..

Lisa: "Bart, your mortal enemy is on the radio!"
Radio: "It's time for more DEEEEEEE-mentia with Dr. Demento!"
Bart: "AHHHHH!" (sound of radio being thrown out the window) "And now, the funny five!"
Lisa: "I meant your other mortal enemy, Sideshow Bob."
Bart: "Sideshow Bob! Oh, I'm only 10 and I already got 2 mortal enemies..."

Mr. Burns: Smithers! Who is that excellent young lad out there?
Smithers: Um, that would be Bart Simpson, sir, son of Homer Simpson, one of the ion counters down in sector 7G.
Mr. Burns: Simpson, eh? New fellow?

Ralph: I gave Bart my lunch money for some magic beans and then my cat ate the beans and the beans made my cat magical.

Professor Frink: Well, to combat the mischevious nature of the Bart Simpson lad, I've invented this ray gun, which I call the De-Bart-U-Lator, which when used on Bart will counteract the effects of his baser instincts, like the running and the yelling and the skating and the pranking with the graffitti and the hey hey I didn't do it mm-hoy hoy...

I'll be back, have no fear,
For my cameo next year

Sideshow Bob: "Hello, Bart."

Bart Simp Sun
Here I come,
Get ready to say d'oh,
Bart Simp Sun
Hidely Ho, Hidely Ho.
Bart Simp Sun
Almost done,
Your death is not too far,
Nelson Muntz
Say ha ha, say ha ha.

Muntz: HA HA!

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