It’s been
One week since I arrived.
November 5th, 1955.
Seven days stuck in the past.
I sure hope my headphone batt’ries will last.
It’s been thirty years that I’ve traversed.
Trapped here in fifties, oh what a curse,
And I don’t know what happened to me.
There’s not much to do down here in Hill Valley.

Hello all, my name is Marty.
I like to party
Just like the year was 1985.
I like to rock around the clock,
Although right now I am in shock.
Because of Doc Brown, I am just lucky to be alive.
Doc had me meet him down at the mall.
His feat was not small,
And so, he told me the story then.
His invention was just too keen.
It’s a time machine,
And it was built from a DeLorean.
Gotta make a break and then escape.
Gotta push the car to eighty-eight.
It’s not an option man, I just got to go faster.
A van pulled up, and poor Doc Brown,
The Lybians, they gunned him down,
For their plutonium, to work the flux capacitor.
How can I help it that I have to live behind the times?
What made me show up that late night at Twin Pines?
I’m the kinda guy who sticks out like a sore thumb.
People assume I’m a sailor, that’s so dumb.
I have to find young Doc and have him fix the time machine.
I have to get myself back to the future.

It’s been one week since I found the Doc.
He assumed I was just a prank crock.
Seven days of culture clash.
To save my young father, I took a crash.
And then, my mom started to woo.
Nobody has got family ties like I do.
Played the dance, just like Sadies',
But all I want to do is get home to the eighties.

Doc: Great Scott!

Marty: Woah, woah, woah, Doc. Are you telling me I have to spend a week in 1955?

Doc: Yes Marty. So while I set up the lightning rod at the clock tower, you go make sure your mom and dad get together, or you’ll be erased from exsistence!

Marty: Oh, geez, this is heavy.

Doc: There’s that word again. "Heavy?"

Getting a gropin' from my young mother.
I possibly could be my own father.
Watchin Biff Tannen, who my dad fears.
He’s dumb as a steer.
“Make like a tree and get outta here.”
Like Crispin Glover, I’m going mad,
Because of my dad,
Because he suffers from low self-esteem.
Him and my mother gotta hook up,
Before my time’s up,
Because I’ll vanish like a cloud of steam.
Gotta play the guitar at the dance,
Just so my father has a chance
To spark the events that will lead up to their wedding.
Gotta play a tune that really moves,
Like Huey Lewis and The News,
Jammin’ rad tracks that make the kids dance and sing.
How can I help it that I have such a dorky dad?
When Biff went after my mom, he got real mad.
He took a swing and knocked him cold on the concrete.
Then kissed my mom, now my destiny's complete.
The best of luck to you, but I have really got to go.
My ride is leaving right at 10:04.

It’s been one week and I wanna leave.
I hope the Doc will read that note from me.
This is my one and only shot.
Voltage: one point twenty-one jigawatts.
There was a big blue electric flash,
Leave behind a pair of flaming tire tracks.
Now I’m back in my home you see,
In the eighties with my slightly improved family.

So come see part two next time at the movies.
So come see part three next time at the movies.
Robert Zemeckis made lots of money.

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