Bite the hand I know she doesn’t care
Leave a trail the hounds will find us anywhere
Call the cops and tell em what we’ve done
Tell em that tonight we stole your father’s guns
With your right hand, you sayin
“I think we’re gonna be so close”
Let’s sing a song, on our way back home
You and me shooting holes in the moon
You and me shooting holes in the moon
Take my hand there’s no one here to see
Push your bones against the earth with me
With your right hand you saying
“I think it’s gonna be so close”
Let’s sing a song on our way back home
You and me shooting holes in the moon
You and me shooting holes in the moon
On our way back home.

Lyrics submitted by HomerunHenry, edited by monroeet

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    General Commenti didn't listen to the lyrics closely until i heard someone say "shoot holes in the moon" meaning they were going to jerk off. i guess the rest of it sounds pretty sexual, too. whoops.
    dgcmon December 23, 2011   Link
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    My InterpretationThe reason I looked up this song was to see if others hear a homoerotic (not to be confused with "gay") subtext in the lyrics.

    I believe there is sexual tension between the three characters in the lyrics. I'll call them She, You and Me & capitalize them for simplicity's sake.

    "She doesn't care" is the opinion of the character Me, who wants something from You, whose gender is unspecified, but decidedly male. The character She is only referred to once, and her wants/needs are immediately dismissed by Me. The character You is the subject of the whole song. The relationship of You and She seems to be one of enough importance for Me to comment on, because he is trying to convince You that She does not care what Me and You do together.

    Me comes across as confident and carefree. He doesn't care if the "hounds," the "cops" or "Your Father" know what he intends to do with the character You, namely, pushing bones [against the earth] & singing a song. My interpretation: "Pushing bones" is to thrusting as "singing" is to moaning. However, as dgcm has suggested in a comment, the primary symbols in the song are suggestive of masturbation.

    The most obvious verbal cues that signify the act of masturbation are the mention of "Your right hand," which is performing some action that "says" that the character You thinks the two of them are "going to be so close." You intends for both characters to perform this "shooting holes" action at the same time, not necessarily with / to each other, but together on their "way back home" with "no one else to see."

    Note that the entire song is a suggestion. We know that Me intends to "shoot holes" with You, but the song ends before You responds. There is not enough evidence that suggests that any character in this song identifies as gay, bi or homosexual, but the narrating character intends to gratify himself and convince You to do the same.
    amkrogh89on February 25, 2013   Link

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