In my short time I've realized
That there is so much more to life
Than getting older
And getting mine
This is my ready, set, let go attempt
At finding who I am
And I'll be brief
So listen closely

I've learned not to talk through movies
When I still don't know the lines
I've learned who not to ask advice from
When I can't make up my mind
When times get tough I've learned
That breathing is the best thing I can do
And I've learned letting go of friends
Is something I won't get used to
I've learned a fair amount about the world
Of women and of love
I've learned that money doesn't always mean
Deserving one or both of the above
I've learned it's hard to be alone when you're alive
But somehow I have learned that we won't be alone
When we all reach the other side
Something in my heart is telling me I've learned to love
Oh, I've become
I know my learning isn't done

But oh, I'm afraid I will never quite understand
The way I wish I could know
Everything I would ever need just in case
I ever lose my way

I've learned not to lie to people
Who know me better than my words
And I've believed I've learned to filter out
The voices in my head (But I'm still not sure)
I've learned failure's not an option
It's frowned upon and rude
And giving up before the bell
Is something I've learned not to do
I've learned how to keep my head
Above the water line in desperate times
I've learned to swim when someone lonely
Ties an anchor to my leg in spite
I've learned to fight
The difference between wrong and right
How to sleep at night
You know I still don't have that cartridge
But I'm learning how to live in black and white

But oh, I'm afraid I will never quite understand
The way I wish I could know
Everything I would ever need just in case
I ever lose my way

We are golden because we're alive
We are nothing without our goodbyes
Illuminate our own way from inside
We shine so bright, we shine so bright

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    General CommentI love this song so much.
    The reference to their previous song "The Winning Team" gets me every time. The first line from that song is, "I think I need a new cartridge. Everything's coming out black and white. I haven't been color since July."
    I love the whole song, but I especially love the last verse. From "I've learned how to keep my head..." to " and white."
    And then the last part with the gang vocals and over-lapping. ugh. So good. I can't wait to see them next month.
    Such an underrated band. They deserve so much success.
    ohhmelodieson March 10, 2011   Link
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    My InterpretationI honestly listened to Golden a couple days ago because it was on my suggested playlist on Spotify. Over the past few days, I've fallen in love with it. It's so damn inspirational. The first time I actually sat down and listened to the lyrics, I cried a little. It's just so good. I wish I knew what the kids (I'm assuming that's who it is in the bridge) are saying, that's why I came here to see. It sounds like they're talking about what they want to be when they grow up, which is freaking cool. If anyone can find that, I'd be amazing
    redly40on May 03, 2017   Link

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