"Rollercoaster Baby" as written by and Rob Roy Luke Walker....
[Verse 1]
Mama Pray, Pappy ache
Brother finna go and graduate
Ex-girlfriend in a different state
I still make minimum wage
Even though I'm known to exaggerate
Couldn't get a loan at a low fixed rate
So I got a few things on my plate
In this place, give or take
Is it safe if it breaks
Yes it ain't, if that ain't
Some kind of shit, don't know what's stank
Once is a bitch, two times is a skank
Ya'll I finna dip like contemplate
Ya'll ain't gonna get me with that cake
All I really want is all at stake
All I really got is all I make
Wait I've made mistakes and all that steak
For a lot of instantaneous weight
But it's safe to say I make my own fate
That's what I said, get out of my head
I'm out of my bed
Now let's put pedal to the leg
And if it falls off the ledge
Then at least it's all for the best
Yes, madame, done packin'
In fact I'm on Saturn and
Never would have got this far not rappin
Guess I would've got my car all crashed in
Let me tell you all thus far-- this, that
and the other thing seem as though old fashioned
So I dive in deep with feet backwards
Till I'm right in reach of me askin

[Chorus] 2x
Rollercoaster Baby, are you.
Falling off the wheels tomorrow
Cause of all things mama taught you
Don't it always?
(up & down)

[Verse 2]
So let me go get straight to it
Way I view it from the Buick
To the sewage it's congruent
Whether good or bad influence
Better to have had intuitively
Vacuumed gas tank fluid
Than to hold back and attach breaks to it
Finna throw back in exact 2 minutes
Dead ass serious, call me curious
George! Of course the more I've written it
Makes more sense to make cents
and make sure dents lay on that fence
Hence it's as intense as all of that gets
So let's invent some ways to pay rent
and send our kids to live how we meant
Invest in stocks and less in "shock-and-awe"
It's all we got--
The malls, the cars, the parking lot
Often I'm off in the bars a lot
Cause often I'm off in the stars a lot
It's all for a cause that I've all but forgot
I'm not really positive, I'm gonna stop
But God if you hear me I'm clearing a spot
Merely a thought, clearly I'm not...
Yet. Though I guess I'm expecting a lot
And I digress so let's be honest, kind of
Most want it, don't got it
So much for no college gold scholarship
If in the event there's an inch not honored
In any instance, isn't it ironic?
Considering since in a sense I'm hollerin-


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