Are we the salt from the ocean spray,
or were we made to dissipate the snow?
When you can never tell a storm or swell,
you’re buried in the earth.
The sailors watch for colored skies,
while farmers pray for black and white.
If you can’t predict cirrus or cumulous
it’s best to fear the worst of it.
I’ve rolled the dice with my kids and wife.
I’ve reaped a life of turbulence.
I built the cage, though I am the prey,
I long to see the daylight.
What the neighbors sowed, in fertile soil,
has grown to break the surface.
With his mother’s eyes, the boy arrives,
and love’s the proclamation.
“Father, I have watched the tide.
I know the captain goes down with his ship,
Oh to see the sun, through a brother’s hope,
has given me the courage.”

Weather changes everything
and weather is always changing.
The tides, of course, are cyclical
but the wind is unpredictable.
Land erodes and forests grow
if the wind and sun allow.
But, our hands can learn to excavate.
Dry fields can be plowed.
If we find out what is coming
we can plan which way to go.
Foxes dig deep warm holes.
Bears sleep through the snow.
Seagulls flock to southern states
to guard another’s shore,
while sailors watch horizons
for the colors of a storm.
If he chooses to avoid them
his own brother could drown.
If we do not plant the seed
nothing comes from fertile ground.
If we stay inside all winter
snow will come as due reward.
If we hide away from cloudbursts
rain will wash away our farms.
Its what we do in tidal waves
that we find out who we are.
Its why we bet on cards.
What we whispers behind a bar.
It grows calmest at the eye
as we make our last decision.
Judge us by how we lived our lives
not by how we made our living.

For the last seventeen years,
we would all patiently wait,
but what was meant to destroy
has become the capstone
for futures that we will create.

Rejoice, the storm’s through,
Rebuild, the day’s new.
Rejoice, the rain’s done
Relive while love blooms.
(Rewind, while love sings.)

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Here Come the Clouds. (Meteorologist) song meanings
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