I was ridin in my chariot with this freak named Harriet
She said my stick my treasure so she knew just where to bury it
This girl named Sequoiya, she was from Illinois-a
Had to stuff her mouth with a teddy bear cause she made hella noise-a
This freak named Nakita Brown, I rode her like a merry go round
She got to tellin all her friends thats its a new king in town
I was on my way to Las Vegas when I bumped into Tessie
She said her nickname was Marvin cause when she had sex it got messy
This freak named Jada Parkay so you know I called her butter
Cause when it came to summer sun dresses she had ass like no other
The steak was always smothered, she was a freak under the covers
Shoulda seen her expression, little pimpin, when I got hit on by her mother
This young lady named Shanelle, she was fine as hell
But she was twenty-six, and her son was already twelve
I was at this little assembly, when I tried to end up with Kimberly
Hit it, split it, and that freak said she'll love me for infinity
You shoulda seen the chemistry, I changed that freak identity
Seen her at the movies with her man and the bitch didnt wanna remember me
This girl named Chamere, she put diamonds in my ears
But she also tried to put these niggas on me when I slapped her at the pier
This girl named Sherlyn, she had hella friends
So when I brought my freinds and all her friends, thats when the party begin
This girl named Savanna, she used to love to pout
But I used to say dont even trip, just stick this in your mouth
This freak named Miranda, she thought I couldn't stand her
Buy yea I could stand ya since I got your ass on camera
I was ridin hard like Humphrey Bogart with this freak named Leah
Even though she was in the car, no one could see her, get it
This freak named Rakella, she worked at Pac Bell-a
She gave me the number to the pager, home, and cellular
She had a lovely smell-a, ass like a whale-a
I was wet like a scuba-diver from the sex, homeboy let me tell ya
Chrysler Labaron, with this chick named Darren
I was at the mall tryin to buy some clothes and she just kept on starin
And then came the flarin, she said she hated sharin
I said I'm not your man little freak, so I'm not really carin
This gangstas name was Dalion, she wore a gold medallion
Every other month we take a flight out to Staten Island
She kept a nine on the dresser, cause she had dreams of Hell
Even though we in the penthouse suite of a five star hotel
I rock and I rock well, thats what I told Gail
She's a conceited little fraternity freak up there at Yale
Young tender named Divine, I bump in her Alpine
She was the type that look so good it was a muthafuckin crime
Took her from behind, let her to the ride
Baby didn't make it home till the sun was about to rise
Kickin it with Corvette, baby had a Corvette
She used to come and get young Nickatina from off of the set
We stike to the jects, she pick up her Lex
We hit Hotel Nico, you know what came next
I was payin my bills for cable, when I met up with Sable
Green eyes and was the CEO of a record label
But I didn't get to hit it, because I met with Bridgitte
She was Sable's, yea, secretary that gave me, yea, the digits
In the parking lot of a club one night I ran into Kirby
Freak worked at a beauty shop, said some gangstas tried to serve me
Freak you aint worthy, your gossip column is through
Then if some cats is after me, I'm right here mackin on you
Had to pop the collar on my coat, rev with the vogue smoke
Looked her in the eye, then said yea bitch you're broke
This girl named Supremey, god she was dreamy
Met her at a pool party, shoulda seen her bikini
This lady name was Val, her husband was my pal
She offered me the puddin, while he stretched at Rikers Isle
Gave the freak a smile, said it aint my style
I known the homie for a while, yo and that would be foul
Fired up the weed, me and Sagene
We first had locked eyes yo when we were thirteen
Kissed at fifteen, sexed at sixteen
Thats why shes with me right now in the Beam, tiga.

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