Kai, shBlade! Rhex!
(Oh, shiggity shiggity shugar!)
Hey, guess what I got at Chunky's today for two dor-es!
(Whchhwchhh, a humane?)
(Oh, is it a trip to gay Paris?)
(A shqwat would Jerry do bracellet?)
(Three hawt-missiles and uh... two dead little kaids?)
No, none of thees!
I receive it for myself in the electronic poart device.
(Oh, you mean like Johnny Montegna's pownch-off?)
(Fruit Rains?)
(Hawt Brain Wash?)
(Sch'Mario Twins!)
Oh yais, that's it!
You know the game
Where the two boys are wearing the same t-sherts?
(Oh, yais)
Oh, you want to play it?
(Oh yais)

Da da da do do dat, shlat
Do be dop me do sha do do do
Doo do do do do abedode
Hot de de de doo doo
Boo dow dow dow, A-OW!
A fegogo
Da do da do, GEG GEG GEG Gedoodoot
Shoo doo hoo doo, ha, ho ee oww
Da do dote dote da do do
Gat gap gack!
Da da do
Da da, Oh do ee
Oh do ee shap
Shaddack a-doot doot
Do da doo doo
Hee hee hoo hoo a WHOH!

Doo da da da
Doo da da da
Da da da da-da! (Hhhhhhhhawh!)

Dat doot doot do da schke do
Doo doo be doo be doo be-
Da do do dat do do do
Do do dat do dot do dado
Badodado Dashiggitydoodoo
Badodado Da doot doot doot
Shplahdo doo doo
Gah gah gat!


Da da da do do dat

Da da dat dat dote daaaaaat
Dee doot dee doot dee doot

Da da doot doot SHKLEEdoot
Da da doot doot da da
Shiggity da da doo doo da dat
Doo-doo-doo-doo doo doo doo
Dalada da doo doo dalada
Oh oh, Ah oh
Deledeoh da
Oh baby, goo chee goggygoggy, goo (FREE! FREE!)

Da da do do da da, oh! Phthp
Da da dogo da da
We do do do da da
Wake it! Your taco!
Da da dote da da
Ma do she got go
Do gah dote dote dote dote dote!

Oh God!
Woot woot woot! (HHHHRH!)
Woot woot woot!
Pwet, kh kh, gg, gg
Hote mommy don't touch-HOOTAH!
Vewt, woot woot!
Ghg, gh ahh
Pht-pht-pht-pht-pht phhe, ahh!
Oh good God! I am drown-ING!

Shmario Twins, Shmario Twins
I play them again and again
And if you don't play them then you're not my friend
Shmario Twins, Shmario Twins
Super mario, Super Hshmario
I like you better than a big bowl of cherry-o
I go home every day after school
And I play your game cuz you're so cool
Cuz you run, jowmp, and you kick a lot
I bet that you could beat up a robot
Plus you have un pipsykatt
And you put your arms like theis and thait

Oh shaith, you found lady with a hat on
Oh...no, she not here, do a tissue on her face

Oh lady where are you? (HHHHHHHHHHHHHH!)
I wanted to know your name goodtime (HHHHHHHHHHHHH!)
I wish I could see you here (Hhhhhahhhhhh)
This is Mario Twins! (HRRRRRRRRRR ho)
(Mario Twins!)
I love you princess!
Oh, touch me in the.... foo-yah! (Mario Twins!)
Please, please, please, please (HHHHHHHHH! HO!!! AHHHHHHWWWWWWWW!)
Touch me in the fyooooooooot!!!
(Princess where are you?)

I think she was wearing un hat

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