Nagus: Heh heh heh! Quark! Where's my beetle snuff?

Business ventures gonna set my soul,
Gonna set my soul on fire.
There's a whole lotta profit that's ready to earn,
So get those stakes up higher.
There's a thousand stupid suckers waiting out there.
They're all foolish, so buyer beware,
'Cause I'm a Ferengi with latinum to spare.
So viva las Nagus! Viva las Nagus!

Oh how I wish that there were more
than one worm hole in the sky.
But still at Quark's on D.S.9,
The business opportunities are high.
Oh, there's holosuites, and synthale, and the Dabo wheel.
Rom, Nog, and Quark will replicate your meal.
All you need's your wallet, and a Domjot deal.
So viva las Nagus! Viva las Nagus!

Viva las Nagus. All the wannabe financiers come to me for all the answers,
Cruisin' in my latinum Cadillac.
Ho, say, Viva las Nagus. How did I get my position? The first rule of acquisition,
"Once you have their money, you never give it back!"

Hey Leeta, spin the Dabo wheel one time! Thank you very much! Whoo-wah!

I'm gonna be on the run, I'm gonna have me some fun,
If it costs you your very last dime.
Oh, if you wind up broke, oh well, you'll always remember,
Be a smarter investor next time.
I'll rule the quadrant with no opposal.
Hundreds of females at my disposal.
Waiting for my indecent proposal!

Viva las Nagus! Viva las Nagus! Viva las Nagus!
Viva, viva las Nagus!

Hey, why don't you make me a peanut butter and tube grub sandwich? Thank you. Thank you very much. C'mon, Sonny, Red, Damon Tok, let's go!

Nagus: Heh heh! Where's my beetle snuff?

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