Reluctantly crouched,
In the captain's chair,
Brooding and moody,
He has no hair.
Pointlessly scanning,
The Neutral Zone.
"To hell with our orders,
Mr. Data, make it so!"

Worf swiftly maneuvers,
And blows them to hell,
Fuel burning fast
From a warp nacelle,
The mission of Borg,
To assimilate man
But it came to a halt
When Picard took command.

Explosive payback,
For Wolf 359,
But some escaped,
And they went back in time,
Now the future is altered,
Except for one man
Who will chase them,
Erase them,
As fast as he can.

He hunted them down,
Then he blew their ship up,
He's standing there sipping Earl Gray from his cup,
But he's hearing their voices,
It fills him with guile,
He'll show them it sure as hell
Ain't futile!

Cochrane: Let's rock and roll!

He's showing Resistance,
He's showing the Queen
That all the Borg (all the Borg)
Don't amount to a hill of beans.

Because he's racing,
And chasing,
And plotting the course,
He's styling,
And fighting all the Borg.
He's showing Resistance.


Picard: "They invade our space, and we fall back. They assimilate entire worlds, and we fall back. The line must be drawn here!"

No Zephram,
No warp drive,
No Starfleet,
No Earth,
We're fighting for our life
Way before our birth.
The Borg think that they've got a license to kill
But Jean Luc will tell them,
To suck his Dixon Hill.

Meanwhile on the surface,
The rock and roll played,
Troi's hoping in time
Her hangover will fade.
Geordi's working,
The Phoenix's warp,
While Barkley is spazzing
And acting like a dork.

Now Data got captured,
The Queen has got plans,
She's trying really hard
To get into his pants.
And he's nervous
And anxious
And filling with fears,
So would you
If you hadn't done it
In eight years.

Queen: "Far too long."

But he's showing resistance,
He's showing the Queen,
He doesn't go
You know what I mean?
Because he's quipping
Avoiding the morgue.
He's solving,
Dissolving all the Borg.
He's racing and chasing
And plotting the course,
Picard is styling
And fighting all the Borg.
He's showing resistance.
He's showing the Queen.
He's showing resistance.

Queen: "I am the beginning. The end. The one who is many. Watch your future's end."
Data: "Resistance is futile."
Picard: "NO!"

(Lo) 8 years (Cutus) 7 months
(Of) 16 days (Borg) 4 minutes

Data: "8 years, 7 months, 16 days, 4 minutes, 22 seconds"

22 seconds.

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