"Post Break-Up Sex" as written by Justin James Hayward-young, Freddie Cowan, Arni Hjorvar and Peter Robinson....
I can barely look at you,
Don't tell me who you lost it to.
Didn't we say we had a deal?
Didn't I say how bad I feel?

Everyone needs a helping hand;
Who said I would not understand?
Someone up the social scale
For when you're going off the rails, have

Post break-up sex
That helps you forget your ex.
What did you expect from post break up sex?

Leave it 'til the guilt consumes
Fucking in the nearest room
All our friends were unaware
Most had just passed out downstairs.

To think I'd hoped you'd be okay,
Now I can't think of what to say,
Maybe I misunderstood,
But I can't believe you're feeling good, from

Post break-up sex
That helps you forget your ex,
What did you expect from post break up sex?

Post break-up sex
That helps you forget your ex,
What did you expect from post break up sex?

Oh when you love somebody but you find someone,
Uh huh huh,
And it all unravels and it comes undone
Uh-huh-huh, uh-huh-huh,

Post break-up sex
That helps you forget your ex,
What did you expect from post break up sex?

Post break-up sex
That helps you forget your ex.
What did you expect from post break up sex?

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"Post Break-Up Sex" as written by Frederick Cowan Justin Hayward-young

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    General CommentNo. It's about your ex having sex with someone else shortly after you broke up.
    rezeew11on April 06, 2011   Link
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    My InterpretationI think this song is about a guy and girl who have an agreement to have sex after they both had ugly break ups. The 2 people just want to have meaningless sex, but the girl has feelings for the guy. The guy just wanted to have sex and hoped it would be meaningless and nothing happens. The girl tries to reconnect and the guy calls it "Post break up sex" and thinks he doing the girl a favor.
    tavissd1on May 23, 2011   Link
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    General CommentThe song is about regret and how post break up sex doesn't help and you just end up more hurt in the end. In the video it's easier to get it.
    pumpkinKon May 24, 2011   Link
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    Song MeaningJustin Young (Vaccines' frontman) said this about "Post Break-Up Sex"
    "This song is pretty self-explanatory. I remember writing it on my bed and wanting it to be as simple as possible. It’s exactly numb."
    (Source: craveonline.com/music/articles/…)

    He also said, "I guess the song Post Breakup Sex is pretty self explanatory, really. I guess it just deals, in quite simple way, with the emotions that one goes through when they have sex with someone else for the first time after splitting up with someone, or even having sex with that person again. And yah, it kinda feels sh**, doesn't it."
    (Source: youtu.be/…)
    tracyjackson June 20, 2011   Link
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    General CommentGreat song. It's what people have when they are unable to love or be loved...when they have sex to not feel lonely and kill every relationship they have within months. It's sex that losers have because they are too cowardly to have real relationships so they lie and manipulate to get what they want...only it feels like shit the next day because it was all fake. Anyone can have an orgasm. Anyone (and I mean anyone) can have sex, but boring cowardly predictable people were made for this song. It's ALL they will EVER know. Happy Happy Sunday Sexing!!!
    StayOUTOFMYLIFEon March 25, 2012   Link
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    General CommentThat's not the sound of sex you hear. That's the sound of SETTLING. Listen carefully, it grows louder by the day, month, year. You can pretty much track it on a calendar. GREAT song, but pathetic lyrics and sentiment. I think I'll stick with love...and finding a new one.
    interpretationdechansonon June 23, 2012   Link
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    General CommentThis song is about 2 people who made a deal and decided to be sex-buddies, after some rellationship that just ended. Both are kinda down in the dumps because of the break-up and they found in sex a way to get over all these bad feelings. He still loves his old girlfriend, but is trying to move on having sex with this girl.
    balaclavaon October 20, 2012   Link
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    My InterpretationThis song is about the singer having just broken up with someone and still loves and misses her but is trying to move on so decides to have sex with someone at a party. Him and this girl agree that they are going to just have no strings attached "Post break-up" sex. However, after it she suddenly starts to talk deep with him, starts admitting her feelings for him and is getting hurt at how he isn't making it more. He is really frustrated at this as he is trying his best to keep it together because he's so upset so he doesn't need this girl who doesn't know him trying to butt in. He's trying to break it to her but is really pissed off because they agreed this was all it was and now he just feels even more of a mess than before and regrets it. This is him speaking to her and getting annoyed asking "what did she expect?" when she is shocked he doesn't want a relationship or any more contact from her. This song is not about him being a bad guy and hurting people, it's simply showing how much of a wreck he is about his ex and this is him falling apart when he realises he has definately done the wrong thing.
    Catriiiionaon December 01, 2012   Link
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    General CommentI like the band. I think this song is hilarious. Sex for the sake of having sex...yeah, that's mature. Telling lies and using ones charm to get someone for a night or two. Such a difficult task these days of recreational sex; takes a real casanova to manage to do that...LOL. Let's get something straight, guys (boys); the majority of females WANT an emotional relationship with you. The majority are not pigs like players are. They may sleep with you, but while you are expecting a one night stand they are hoping you'll call them the next day and an actual relationship will blossom. So if you're out sticking your lil' willy in every vagina that is willing, you have to know that you are slime. And if you're having sex while you profess to love another, than you're the epitome of LOSER. And wear an F-ing condom; I'm sure they make them in size X-small.
    ASweetPeaon October 01, 2011   Link
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    General CommentFeeling used.

    And also feelings being misinterpreted between a person who knows that the relationship they are sharing is basically just mindless sex to feel a bit wanted again.
    Boredvieon February 07, 2011   Link

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