"There she was, standing at the suburban bus stop, waiting for the nice driver to take her into town where she could change to another bus and drive off towards the hills. She always dressed very smartly every second Thursday. This Thursday, she put on her best orange slacks and matching fire-engine red shoes and socks, and, best of all, a green and yellow swan diver that dad had given to her brother Trev. Trev hated dad's guts, so he gave it to Lurlene. And, boy, was she ripped!
"The old woman on the grass in front of her turned and asked, "Excuse me, young lady, but do you know how long this bus is going to be?" Lurlene swallowed, smiled, and said, "Oh, not long now, lady! I-I'm going to get my injection." The old woman nodded and turned back, just in time to see the conveyance in question round the corner and wheeze to a stop.
"The trip into town was pretty uneventful. Just the usual sad old pensioners being brash and happy, and a sprinkling of what she presumed were street kids and punks. "Wish I had known about glue when I was their age," thought Lurlene mischievously. She spent the twenty minutes of her ride trying to figure out what RUDY4EVER meant, and why anyone would want to scratch it on the back of a bus seat. Suddenly, she twitched out of her daydream. The nice driver was beside her, shaking her shoulder. "'Bout time to get out, love," he said kindly. "This is where I stop." "Yes, yes," she thought, and smiled sweetly at the balding, bearded head. "Yes, yes," she said, and stepped off the bus into the raging city streets.
"She looked blankly at the wall she was facing, covered with multiple layers of band posters, ballet posters, theater posters, and spray-painted words that defied her knowledge and imagination. "Where AM I going?" she asked herself. "Why am I HERE?" She stood silent for a few minutes, causing several passers-by to grin and sneer, and one to offer assistance. Lurlene ignored them all to the best of her ability in her quest to remember her task. At last, an image popped into her head. "My Little PONY!" she shouted exaltedly, "I seen 'em on telly! I-I'm gonna get one for..." for who? She couldn't quite remember who she was getting it for. Boy, was she ripped that she hadn't forgotten her reason for coming to town. What a great day!
"Two hours later, a social welfare officer was called to the site of a new Chase Corporation building project in the middle of town. Three weeks ago one of the city's proudest old department stores had stood now where there was only broken brick and twisted, vicious girders. The old store had been famous for its toy department, and nearly every adult in the city vividly remembers sitting in its elfin grotto on Santa's knee, asking for the most expensive toy they could think of. Lurlene had once requested a Number Ten Mechano set, but Santa just laughed and said, "Now, now, little girl, I think we'll just have to be content with a dolly, now, won't we?"
"All she wanted now was a My Little Pony. She was asking for one, over and over. Over and over again, but no one wanted to serve her. It wasn't fair, she always had trouble in shops these days. A social worker came up to her and gently tried to lead her away, but Lurlene writhed out of her grip. She was NOT leaving without her My Little Pony. Hours passed. Days flew by, and no one could budge Lurlene.
"Slowly she became accepted, and the Chase Corporation people built their high rise around her, leaving her a little room in the foundation that they fitted out with a nice, tidy bed set. The United Building Society donated her a new color TV, and a video, and people from all over the land sent thousands of My Little Ponies. Then one day, years later, she suddenly remembered. "Aww, heck! I've forgot my injection!" But by then, well, she figured she didn't really need it."

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