Daddy G: Hey Joe, have you seen Tricky?... I'm looking for Tricky...You haven't seen him?... Alright, see you later then... Bye

Man: Wake up, Wake up
3D: What's the score?
Man: Freddy said 2 nil, but the match ended two days ago
3D: Oh

(Shara Nelson harmonising in background)

3D: 'Alright James?
Mush: Alright
3D: What are you up to?
Mush: I've got (therapy?)
3D: Seen Tricks?
Mush: Nah, I haven't seen him at all today
3D: Well what do I do? What do you want to do? Go to the zoo?

Mush: We haven't got time to go to the zoo Joe

(Shara Nelson continues harmonising)

Mush: Jack I tell you what, I want to get a haircut

(*Phone rings)
Daddy G: Hello, Jack, its Jack here, yeah. Hey I'm still looking for Tricky by the way. Have you seen him?
Woman on other side of the phone: Tricky? No he's not here... and I haven't seen him in days
Daddy G: Well if you see him, tell him I'm still looking for him... it's important, get back to me alright? Bye.

(Shara Nelson continues harmonising)

3D - ...take a leather wrist
To the situation cuz we need lubrication,
drink a vitamin c drink,
strike yourself intuition,
glow from tv set was blue just like neon,
activate the remote then I put the BBC on,
hope to see the lightness,
maybe true to rightness,
toying with the violin,
I'm messing with the rightness
I'm sure that we psyche this
'cuz all we see is trouble
Daddy G - ah ha
3D - we don't see (?) hysterical clerical
Daddy G - oh no, oh no no no no no no...
3D - ah-diggy diggy diggy diggy diggy dig-dig
ah-diggy diggy diggy diggy diggy dig-dig, gah-diggy diggy diggy diggy diggy dig-dig (just to the side i just walked in a bar, you get your visa card out), gah-diggy diggy diggy diggy diggy dig-dig, (then i see the tardent)

3D: You've seen him?
Shara Nelson: No, haven't seen him

Daddy G: You've seen Tricky?
Man on table: No, I haven't seen him anywhere

Man at table end: Toast to the web of life

(Mix some order,(chic chic boomft tenacity) everybody jump aboard, thank you, scratched match, im gonna miss)

[*Loud Rapping on the door]

Random man: It's Tricky!

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    General Comment3D/ Robert Del Naja = Joe
    Daddy G/ Grant Marshall = Jack
    Mush/ Andrew Vowels (the ditcher >.< ) = James

    ^ yeah I think thats right, i think james accidentally called joe, jack, in the part after the animals scene, because friends tend to do that (forget your name) if they don't really care about you lol (i get that heaps), or they just simply forgot your name the time. um i hope i got the lyrics right.

    Anyway really good song, im not sure about meaning though (it certainly does have one!) guess it establishes the beginning of massive attack, the song is real dubby, no singing in it though. except for a few rapping bits near the end which is great, cuz it blends in perfectly. Love massive attack <3


    It's Tricky!
    *and plus everyone looks so awesome when they were younger, and gotta love that british accent, meltingful love mmm :)
    alterEgoon December 12, 2010   Link
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    General Commenti think i probably messed up the joe's and jack's, and the game reference :P
    alterEgoon December 12, 2010   Link

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