[Intro: Dirtball]
Time will kill the pain.
Yeah time will kill the pain (I know time could kill the pain)
(Times Pass) Time will kill the pain (I hope time will kill the pain)
(Times Pass) Time will kill the pain (I know time could kill the pain)

[Chorus: Johnny Richter]
Times pass, here comes tomorrow.
A new party, new drug, a pill to swallow yeahh
Feel no pain, kill all your sorrow.
You lost your ways at the bottom of a bottle yeahh
Good times pass, here comes tomorrow
A new chance for you to change your ways and follow yeahh
Live your life, no need to borrow (time)
Wastin time isnt, time don't make us alright (Time could kill the pain)

[Verse 1: Dirtball]
This the type of vibe that will wash away the pain,
Keep the fate, nor the rain on it's way.
Clean us all, and lemme take whatever comes today,
Turn into tomorrow and a brand new way.
And let em all know, the fog'd never wanna clear,
Without a positive and negative, stay near.
Fence on a hill, sittin on a fence,
I'm a twist it up, spark it, look into the sky.
Doin show mile high, realize that I've known my pain, I'm always sedated.


[Verse 2: Johnny Richter]
It's alright to be yourself and do whatchu wanna do,
Go ahead and break all the rules as long as you stay true.
As long as you know, and you feel it in your heart,
There ain't nothin that could break it apart.
The real is the real, and the fake is a fake,
A ten be a dime, and a jerk is a jake.
Some people leave and get their only replace,
The sad times in their lives, dark voicing.
This time will kill the pain (kill the pain)
Time will kill the pain.


[Verse 3: Daddy X]
I know time would kill the pain (kill the pain)
No strain, there is no gain (is no gain)
I've been down the road before,
Of losin hope, and wantin more.
Look into the sky, needin a reason,
Kinda makes sense when everyones leavin.
Sometimes the good die young,
And I'm just tryin to hold on.
But I know, I know (this time will kill the pain)
Oh yes I know, I know
Time will kill the pain.

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