"Sacrifice" as written by and Shane Told....
It's so familiar to me
A gun in your hand, a hole in my chest
And now you strike a match and inhale
It's now to the point where it's all so routine
The anchor's up, your ship has been sailed

Close your eyes to fight the demons deep within your mind
Satisfy your worst intentions, I'm your sacrifice

Dressing yourself up to kill
You do this for peace, you do this for love
But you know there has to be loss
Lives torn apart as you've hit your mark
You'll take your share at anyone's cost

Close your eyes to fight the demons deep within your mind
Satisfy your worst intentions, I'm your sacrifice

The metal is cold to lift and to hold
But now my heart feels the warm undertow

I cannot breathe, the way I feel about you suffocates
I will not speak, the words I feel about you go to waste
I will lay here until my body washes up on shore
I'll sacrifice with everything I believed in before
I'll get back up and do it again

Close your eyes to fight the demons deep within your mind
Satisfy your worst intentions, I'm your sacrifice

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"Sacrifice" as written by Shane Told

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    General CommentThis is the first "single" that they have released after changing labels. I saw the band last night and they had NO merchandise for sale from the previous label. I've heard some shady rumors about the label. I wonder if there wasn't some sort of falling out and this song is in reference to it all. It seems to be about feeling ripped off (sacrificed for someone else's gain) by someone with bad intentions, "You'll take your share at anyone's cost/ Satisfy your worst intentions, I'm your sacrifice."

    "The anchor's up, your ship has been sailed"
    Possibly in reference to the last album (Shipwreck in the Sand) released on the former label?

    Just a thought.
    JohneeDeformedon January 23, 2011   Link
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    General CommentI've also heard some not so great stuff about Victory Records and Tony, the guy that runs it. Hawthorne Heights had a very big public falling out with them. The record as a whole is solid, but has a reputation for not being all that great to the people on it.
    j0hn0bon February 24, 2011   Link
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    General CommentI feel like this song is about someone who is incredibly selfish and will do whatever they need to in order to survive - whether it be in the music industry or in life and love. The "sacrifice" part could be about Shane or the band being used in order to help someone else advance - such as Victory records or as simple as a girl that Shane had feelings for that used him for his fame.

    This sort of makes sense at the end when he says he won't speak about the way he feels, and he knows that he has been used but he'll probably make the same decision again because he can't tell intentions from the beginning.
    j0hn0bon July 17, 2011   Link
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    General CommentShane Told told (haha...) AP: "This was also [like Medication] loosely inspired by waiting for my girlfriend. She was getting ready in the bathroom, and you know how long girls sometimes take in there. I picked up a guitar and was just fooling around. I came up with the intro guitar riff, the verse riff and the bridge riff in about five minutes. It was funny because once she came out and was ready to go, I wasn't because I wanted to finish writing the song. I had to record it on my computer really fast in case I forgot how it went."
    ale5875on May 29, 2012   Link

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