Remember when it hella snowed
We made a video
You saw the video
You said “it’s pretty” so
We had to make another one but it never fell ‘09,
this year is another tale

This time by myself I’ve been up in here
Steve Pool tryin’ say we’ll be stuck in here
Sabzi somewhere where the weather’s clear
Never fails, you waited for the sequel
Let me brew this coffee really quick though
Oh no, no beans in the bag bro
Now I’m feeling like a feign for the crack so
Stop! can’t leave yet, I hear the warning
We learned our lesson near the winter of performin’
Idiots saying “so much for global warming”
Imma be safe and stay home for this recording

A couple of blocks, that’s the most I’ll go
I double my socks and I walk all slow
Through the snow for some chicken and some rice and some ginger
Cook a big ass pot of Arroz Caldo
I’m a bonafide pro, I’m motivated now
When I’m at home chillin’, imagine when I’m out
I’ll be back on killin’, fillin’ em with doubt
The last one to ever expect to getting crowned
Deadline creeping, gotta finish up the album
One song left, when the storm came around
Then it came down, like December ‘08
Though you heard it all day, you were like “no way”
School’s out, students celebrating all day
No more bullies saying “shit is all gay”
No more teachers getting docked no pay
For playing real shit and saying “shit’s to blame”

But days like this were made for tight pictures
Man I write scriptures, the film’s not scripted
Your boy’s in the building
no really I ain’t got no choice, I am stuck in this building
no luck ,oh well, let me get it
Headphones, laptop, keystrokes, spit it
Zip-compressed and archived and I sent it
I told Sabz I hoped he’d get it and he says “no edits”
Yeah I said it
Mother Nature tried to fuck us but we will not let her
I got a call from my dude, part 2
He said “Aye do the record while there’s snow in the rude.
I mean road. It’s hella cold.
But in NY, the weather’s all good.
Yeah that’s good yeah,
you know we should make another song about all the snow in the hood,
and make a video too,
talkin’ bout that coffee and snow, part duex.”

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Coffee and Snow 2 song meanings
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