Check this, no check this

Attack Russia
I'm still pissed about Rodney King
Destroy Malaysia
Had enough of your deceptions
Kick Canada out the union
They've been unpatriotic
France, Britain, Germany?
Shut up
Everybody knows indigenous people are the real terrorists

Sexism's coming back and everybody's a victim
Marxism is on a rise, with
16 year old kids with t-shirts featuring Joseph Stalin
Racial prejudice is as strong as it ever was
I'm so proud to be American
Can't wait 'til Arnold declares a police state
If he don't I will
My people been to uppity for they own good
Disrespecting capitol hill
George bush ain't no Caesar, but neither was Lawrence Ferlinghetti
The Patriot Act wasn't so bad, I feel safer already
This is no time to be soft handed
The end of the world draws near

Those liberals would have you feeding Indians
And kissing up to those people that we've been killing over the years
It's always the minority that breeds too much
And wants it all to stop
But the other 99 percent? A spoiled crop

Press people, here's an easy quotable:
The cat in the hat thought it was phat when art rap
Never got to make its comeback
'Cause rap is a Gap ad
And the ghosts of Sugar Hill seem to support that
Journalism degrees turn to state news agencies
And the publicist's best wishes
If you went to school to be a writer

Advertising rates are going up, subscriptions are doubling
All we had to do was put Jessica Simpson with tattoos
In a Che Guevara t-shirt on the cover
Receptacles are as dumbed down as they're supposed to be
The choir gets smart and the preacher goes to jail
The choir turns to wage slaves
The preacher shows up in the neighborhood working for the D.E.A.

Nothing changes except the bomb recipients
For immigrants, wage slavery is an improvement
For 20 year old girls with mysterious cancer in the lymph nodes
See the benefits of genetically modified foods from rednecks
Bombing villages is democracy in action

Anti-war protesters: go back to work, save up vacation time
One less olive tree a day but don't sit in a cubicle
Please lay off everyone, Americans don't like working
Re-invade Ireland, we need more potatoes, exploiting what's there

Is life here really worth saving?
If not I shall dance myself to death
I'd be more than happy to export my rapping to a 13 year old kid in Thailand

War is peace
Freedom is slavery
Jesus is justice
Alienation is camaraderie
Peace is for the bourgeois
War is for the workers
Another black hawk down

High and mighty as they built the walls
Beauty will always slip through cracks accidentally
No eye contact, walk to work with your head down
This silence speaks louder than voices you strangle today

Simple ideas require repetition
Today we give way to convenience

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