I examine the visual surroundings, the now and here
It's near, become aware of the immediate area
Intake peripheral, study the physical
Look over the logic and land this rebel roaming comet

How, so soon? I've only
Can't be the moisture, it must be
That's no spartan accent, that it
The cure, my father spoke of it
Look how slow, the damn jackknife he knows I'm here

Look at the simple free run
Probably no clue as to why they need to complete retreat, complete secession
Surrendering, rendering me active is more of an act of drama
Symbolizing his new designated position of passive

I should have never left the channels, it's patterned movement
This one's a flesh-eater, I've come so far
It's heading straight for the shelter

Straight for the shelter
Basics tell me this steel piece will suffice as a makeshift opening device

Aw, it's found the rations
I'm finished, it'll know just when I hit the lab
I've got to destroy everything
That thing will delete everything the brotherhood has come to
I think he's caught on to my vibrations
(I'm dead)

Visual confirmation
I've been programmed to prosecute for the info contained in the alien you label "thought"
There's no man can escape or elude this window of pain
I have received orders from my boss
It's time to run

It's almost...my life's end
It's seen me...there's nowhere
On this track...at least try
I'm almost...the backdoor
I feel it...there's no time
The old desk...three latches
A few more...get inside
It's rightly...this can't be..!

Door's jammed
Ugh...I can't see...railing
Ah, my shoulder, it's broken, my shoulder!
No time for…so close, I mustn’t
Swallow the shriek, no time for numb

This building is a man-built labyrinth
I can and will master it's primitive blueprint
My prey is twice as clever as assessed
Rest assured, time invested shall reap
Side of the contract secure

His stamina must fray, decay
Audio sensors indicate he took the stairway

2, 4, turn first
2, 4, 6, turn second
2, 4, 8, he's in the building!
10, turn third, one more to go

One more to go, path is followed
And I know that you know now that there's no tomorrow

8, at the doorknob
Unlocked (thank god)
Turn on the light switch
No, no, no lights
I'll be done for sure
Straight back, there's not a moment to...
I knew one day mine would be given
It's vital

It's vital

It's time to plot

Focus...must focus
The desk is...but then free
The right hand...I can't think
The first drawer...I've brought the
The butane...I can't just
The window...the war puts
No, not yet...it's in the
It's now or...my justice

The future, I've seen his future

One strike
And nothing was for naught
That crash, where is it?
Quickly, there, it's eyes
There, there's no other I know
It's come for...
Three left, I say let it come

Is he even aware of why I'm here?

If one drop find its way to the sky again
Look at it's figure sharpening with every step
C'mon demon, closer, close
The butane, I'll smell it's circuits then we dance

Perpendicular would be pointless at this point

For those burning eyes
That keep for the dream
And those that fail to bleed
I'll not give their faith to meddle
The inevitable has brought me to this angel of poison

Any last words?

You know nothing of it
It's your hell (machine)

Aaah, the flames lashed, roaring beneath the ceiling's edges
Stomaching the whole lab into a pillar
It's swallowing
Eyes, that pull my breath
And flash, blinding, ringing
Glass, it's tearing my eyes
I'm blind

You dumb little man
Was that the best plan you could cook up?
You managed to think that that would slow me up?
You think the powers that pull would program something so fragile?
Hell no, I'm wearing fire guard courtesy of Proctor & Gamble

Lyrics submitted by Shnakepup, edited by mjjneal

Program to Hunt 2007 song meanings
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