I left most of my things on the floor
A wild heart, I don’t remember.
A different place I don’t want to go.
When I’m alone I howl loudly.
I can’t promise that I let the right one in.
Am I invisible now?
I became the dust as it settled.
I saw the wolf in the storm.
A native son
A warm home
Am I alone?

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I Saw the Wolf song meanings
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    General CommentI loved/dated a girl 2 years ago. We broke up over petty things. It was long distance so I ended leaving a lot of my shit probably on her floor. Anyway, I found a rebound a week after we broke up. Way too fast. To my surprise, we're still dating. But I prefer to be alone most of the time.. I still think about her. A lot. I'm certain she doesn't do the same. It sucks. This song sums it up, for me.
    TiggersGotAGunon June 22, 2011   Link
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    My InterpretationI like your interpretation Tiggers.
    Song really gives me the feeling its about a horrible situation for someone to be in in the worst of a relationship.
    Almost like they regret the end of it, or a scene where the victim feels hopeless and alone without of the consideration of anyone, especially the person whom he/she has feelings for.
    I can listen to this song for hours.
    japscatratpackon October 20, 2011   Link
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    My InterpretationI've been trying to decode this song for a while.
    first I looked up what the wolf spiritually symbolizes and two really stood out to me.
    Freedom/insticts and lack of trust/fear of being threatened.
    lack of trust can correspond to the above interpretations exactly involving a relationship that has ended so suddenly.
    The interpretation that appealed to me more personally was one involving freedom and instincts. Maybe it is about being trapped inside a world where you can't be yourself. They left most of their things on the floor because they wanted to rush their sudden escape. They're instinct was to finally just take off and leave. "When I'm alone, I howl loudly"- They were only at peace when they were alone expressing themselves freely. "Am I invisible now? I became the dust as it settled. I saw the wolf in the storm." It was after they broke down and fell apart that they saw that they needed to stop being something they're not. They were ready to be set apart from this life and reality.
    I'm not sure what the song actually means but this is what I got from it and it's a beautiful song
    lamentsofawolfon January 29, 2014   Link

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