[Riley Martin sample]
I told them of the Hale Bop comet 7 years ago...
It is running, if you will notice, on our sensors.
We have picked up a ship beneath it, of great dimensions.
All we want to turn it is 2 degrees, so that we shall not die, so soon.
[end sample]

Over the earth I hover
Spinning whirlwinds in Wheatfields
While my force fields repel four winds from broken seals
Numbered seven
Bending my brethren, breaking bread with Yeshua
In Bethlehem,
The last tribal star soul the alien Seth Alam
The devil bears the pentagram, a horrible hologram
My body slams man with the heavy grams
Lay the beat down;
Make big connections to the Son of Sam and Uncle Sam
So "Sam I am" keep ya fuckin eggs and ham!
Performing alien brain scans and spiritual exams
While the mother ship lands on holy land
My mental expands with plans to span through the galaxy
I land in farmers crops spelling out the name ‘Apathy'
Speaking my name is blasphemy, so call me your majesty
Majestic phonetics begin affecting reality
Religiously, I mystically chant and recite on mic's
At astronomical Heights
Guided by the northern lights
Poltergeist, masquerade as Christ, entice like Heidi Fleiss
Trying ta put the righteous on ice
You're a holographic device, and simply see through
Robotic like R2D2, I'm original like Hebrews
And 144,000 people may the lord bless you and keep you
Form gargoyles like Tin Foil they sit upon ya steeple!

Will space probes in the next century discover extra terrestrial analogue?
(complexity equals a capacity for unexpected observer)

Biophysical Biosphere;
Witchdoctor unlocked the cobra spitting venom I adhere!
I stand here with the hearts of the Meek
I bring pain, camel clutch, Iron sheik
Order of the Golden Dawn
I have warned;
Of biochemical implants in heads of the unborn!
Lion of the tribe of Judah;
The root of David
Five Tibetan rites are rejuvenation A Sacred
Master Yehi, All die under the staff;
Or get burned like Betty Shabaz and I will laugh
Demons at dimensional doorways come through this
But I will have you hanging from a tree like you was Judas
Violent Buddhist
The Higher Arc decaton
Revelations of the Metatron
I form Voltron;
With elements of Tai Chi
Doing battle with seven heads and ten horns is me!
The hologram!
Travel I through space portals
My soul cannot be imprisoned or trapped by mere mortals
Torture them!
With the pain of scorpion stings
Spitting lightning
‘Lord of the Rings', I brings
Diagrams, of hallways and pyramids of the pharaohs
Tribe Green mantis warrior holding arrows
Contorting; polymorphing and aborting
The souls of the MC's who I've made ghosts to do my haunting...

Will space probes in the next century discover extra terrestrial analogue?
(complexity equals a capacity for unexpected observer)

Scientifical madness, eliminating masses with mathematical tactics
Strategic, electronical
Weaponry, fucking up your anatomy!
Insanity- inviting me
Atomically, bombing the fraudulent MC's
Escorting he;
With battle strategy
Confusion weaponry, cause fatalities
Intergalactic tactics, shine like metallics
With mathematics I leave ya whole clique splattered
Pharaoh's the savage
The verbal war
Causing Comatose It's
Transporting dope shit, through sleep way;
Try to approach this, I stalk prey like Vultures
And feast on the carcass of any ‘lyrical artists'
I'm sick with, this Scientifical madness
Pharaoh the seventh sign causing world disaster
Cerebral master , Iron Killer Guerrilla
Verbal Flames I spit them through your chest , Like Tequila
Constructing ya Art of War like Sun Tzu
Death becomes you, As I run through
MC's like Battering rams, you overstand;
Sun Pharaoh- and the motherfucking Hologram!

Will space probes in the next century discover extra terrestrial analogue?
(complexity equals a capacity for unexpected observer)

Lyrics submitted by sepultura1987

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