"Maybe you can tell me what this one means, I've no god damn clue...alright, here we go..."

It had to be the most singular beautiful thing I'd ever seen in my life
a gigantic waterfall spread out in front of me in the middle of the night
the rushing water reflected off the full moon-his little stars
blinking, whispering, bright flash then fading on
and I look there down the giant fall of the water below
and hear the rushing river pounding upon my eardrums, beating slow
my heart moves inside the rhythm the rushing water follows the drums
of break beat, simple broken but easy to track on son
and i drown every fourth count-make my move and now
I feel the rushing water beating, pounding, brain down
and as i look back, take an exhalation, ready to do my job
it kinda looks like my face but the...*stutters*...Fuck.
...anyway i turn around and look at the line that's formed by the waters edge
moving marching with the water and time
and I stand there on a little box at the front of the velvet rope
and every person stands on the cliff, shakes my hand and says: "I know."
and I say: "It's good to see you, thank you for coming along."
I give them a pat on the back, a gentle nudge, and watch them all fall
and one by one they take the dive off the edge of the cliff
I watch the line spread for miles and it never seems to end-my shift is endless
I watch the seconds on the clock tick
and everyone shakes my hand and says the same shit
and I gave them the same gentle smile, nudge, pat on the back
and I don't recognize any of these faces but I treat them like their friends
and a simple push and watch them slip and fall into the mist, and disappear
the waters so loud, I never hear their bodies hit
and the fall must be a thousand miles long, the river must be a million knots deep.
and I'm standing here tryin' to make the sense-see:
I'm observing myself through this job-I'm not in my body
I am floating, looking down from maybe ten feet above me
and everyone's treated the same: a simple friendly cordial respect
as I pat 'em on the back, and gently nudge them by the neck
and watch their little frames fall-all float away from me now
and trace one person's body as he drifts all the way down
and the water rushes, splashes, look inside their face I see a smile dissipate the heart stop beating from the overwhelming exaggerating shape
of their life thus far they look back and wonder: why they made this choice, I ask them as their falling
and none of them answer-none of them hear-may none of 'em pay attention to me dear
except for me standing at the top of the cliff pushing them near
to their end, their death, their final fall and failure,
and I'm happy that i could help, happy that I could serve them
And I don't fuckin' know what this means, help me out now
it's just a dream I need more sleep or a cup of coffee to drag me out
of this early morning haze, my stupid face and whiskered brow
and I'm sitting here tryin' of make sense of why I'd kill this crowd
and why they'd ask me, why they volunteered for it
to put their buck upon the table and let me push them off a cliff
put their buck upon the table and let me push them off a cliff
put their buck upon the table and let me...I forget...

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    General CommentWell I think this song has a lot of subconscious meanings.
    This song is about the pressures of being someone who kids and people look up to. The beginning sets up what its like to be on stage and so forth. Just put yourself in his shoes, ever show he plays he has fans crowding around him, wanting this and that...most people probably say about the same thing "I love your music, thank you" "You're my hero" and I'm sure its over whelming. Although he loves it. Although he is heard and has a strong identity, he also loses that in a way because most people love him for his music, but he can't just be a normal guy...he has to put on a smile and act nice to all the adoring fans all the time regardless of how tired he is.
    I don't know if this makes since just my thoughts as I was listening to the song, I'm just rambling.
    XstrangeXon October 18, 2012   Link

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