[Verse 1]
Dropping lyrics to your head that's solid as a toboggan sledge, feathers with ink scribled rhyme's that's over the collums edge.
With mics I utalize and brutalize, like magnetics making the sun and the moon collide.
Taking you deeper than a human when they scuba dive, I'll catch you having a snooze and set your room alight.
If you survive then you're witnessing a miracle, artistical visual, non pitiful mysticals.
An individual, ripping out a cobras tongue, hold you up, caving in your chest 'til your shoulders touch.
Consisting of enigmas and brain twisters, ancient scriptures made of mahogany, painful blisters.
Lyrics are sick, like a necklace made of vital organs, with high proportions of rappers dying like abortions.
My style behaviour eliminates all power rangers, watch what you're saying when you're talking to a total stranger.
Lyrical lone ranger, Bonez shakes the primises with a heart full of blind hate like a black white supremacist.
I advise your racist to continue hibernating the uninvited confiscating your shit like the balifs.

I'm deep rising, straight from down under the ocean to breath fire and make the ground crumble to dust.
I'm deep rising, straight from down under the ocean just to discover that my job discription is..

[Verse 2]
Annoying emcees like a trife ghetto chick that stays complaining, basic training, complications like a train derailing.
The highly vigorous, rhyme styles are limitless, militant combacks, there aint no fucking with my diligence.
Your dismissal is official when it's beneficial, dealing with issues like crack heads on yellow crystals.
I get spiritual and notify a poltergeist, passionate Golden Eye, an expert at throwing knifes.
You're scraping your rhymes, from the bottom of a barrel, like a horse in a spazm, we knock you off the saddle.
I shock minds like forbiden government documents, con't pay no response if your rhymes are over confident.
My life's deeper than the mind of Dr.Octopus or rain drops from outer space, bombing every contintent.
Got you transforming from very active to geriatric, chairs rocking like Lenny Kravitz.
Plenty of rappers get thrown to the wet cement for getting down and licking in the south like a lesby friend.
Blazing it harder with a laugh like a hyena while striking mics for no reason like a wife beater.

I'm deep rising, straight from down under the ocean to breath fire and make the ground crumble to dust.
So make way for the multiple personality, a dyslexic genius on the verge of insanity.

Lyrics submitted by sphynx01

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