[Verse 1]

We all know what time it is when the clouds form, cause any now they're bringing down a foul storm.
Violent winds are knocking trees off there stand and when you're sleeping in a bag, boy it must be deep for the tramps.
Don't let the deaded weather get you in a bad mood, cause shit's twice as bad when there's cars tryna splash you.
And the muddy drips are fucking up your tracksuit, stepping off the curb and the puddle's to your ankle.
Red nose face looking puzzled like you're baffled, getting pissed with the sky coz it's mucking up the channels.
It's coming like the weather, shut down the whole connection, so much rain my phone aint got no reception.
Damn this season, fuck this my hands are freezing, I need to kick back in the crib and relax with heating.
Loath for speaking when you're trotting and you socks are soaking, cold toes feel like I'm walking on the ocean.
Every day of the winter is the same ting, polluted rain drips slaying up your suede Timbs.
Water dripping off my eyelids and my nose, an icey cold kinda like it's gonna snow.
And some can hack it, while others carry umbrellas.
I'm jamming in the side block, shelter back in the cellar.
Don't get it twisted this aint singing in the rain, grab your water proofs blud if you like to go out..


[Verse 2]
I'm sitting in a chip shop digging into my chicken, listening to old women bitching cause it's pissing.
I see a bunch of young'ins running for the bus and one got left behind because he buckled like a mug.
I huff and then I puff with my scarf across my face, this bitch you can't escape it's feeling arctic in the place.
Take a look above see the thunder and the lightning, pathways wet, no grip making your bike skid.
Got the dry lips the second you step out the door, now you're going back inside to watch the showrs pour.
Analyzing hail stones through your window but cats is still rocking shell toes and their plimsolls.
It starts to spit, then comes down hard as bricks, guaranteed to blow away the work of an arsonist.
You see I don't need to watch the weather forecast, entering the winter at half four it's more dark.
Hopping trains, no tickets on the overground, scailing barriers, ticket insepctors tryna slow me down.
The typa weather when your dog don't wanna leave the house, the typa weather when your ceilings are all leaking out.
Drenched up bottoms sticking to my kneecaps, gale force winds when you spit you catch the feedback.
Don't get this twisted this aint singing in the rain, kids grab your wellingtons if you like to go out..


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