Between motionless and this
Retched state of digression
Treading on the line
that I drew from my own compliance

Let me feel it rain
I cannot, wait any longer

Let's get something straight:
I am not, no I am not
who you made me out to be.

It's the awakening of my bodies
inner consciousness
A fraction of my sleepless, numb existence

Rain down now on me,
Rain down now on me.

Oh I feel it now
Pick and pull apart my limbs
Push me down now from your throne

Oh I feel it now
Drag me down now to the floor
Press the point into my skin

Oh I feel it now,
Oh I feel it now

Something will have to collide
To end the constant spinning of cycles
Strung together
and I'm crawling in the streets

Where is my fix? (x4)

I stand alone in time (x4)

When they spun away, I fell apart (x2)

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A Divine Eradication song meanings
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    General CommentI hate to always look towards Spencer's past addiction but at least on one level here it sounds pretty clear that he's talking about struggling with a relapse. See "treading on the line" "Press the point into my skin" "Where is my fix?" It also sounds like he might be hoping for the second coming of Christ to end his struggles, even though he feels he might not be worthy when you look at the title, and wanting to feel the rain, and where he says "Push me down now from your throne."
    dking888on November 14, 2010   Link
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    General CommentI think what is referred to by most as a "past addiction" with cocaine has gotten progressively worse over the years. Judging by all the hints and lyrics throughout the whole album (and previous ones). Sadly I'd have to assume that he's shooting cocaine now, but obviously I don't know him personally so I am only judging from my own knowledge and the things that make sense to me on this album. The lyrics here (and pretty much every other song) are about the vocalist's constant struggle with his addictions getting in the way of what he knows is right by being a Christian. Again, just my opinion but to me it seems very straight forward and clear-cut. "sleepless, numb existence", "Oh I feel it now
    Drag me down now to the floor
    Press the point into my skin"... and other obvious things that hint of drug use (particularly IV cocaine...)
    SilverDC4on November 25, 2010   Link
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    General CommentThis song, along with most of this cd, is about him struggling with the thought of not being a Christian anymore and seeing the flaws in the church. He was brought up into Christianity so he followed it blindly. Kinda seeing it for what it is and basing his own opinion on it instead of being told what to believe. "It's the awakening of my bodies inner consciousness. A fraction of my sleepless, numb existence."

    There's interviews of him talking about this.

    I'm pretty sure the line "Let's get something straight: I am not, no I am not who you made me out to be" is directly towards the church as well.
    Chauncey256309on July 22, 2011   Link

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