[Intro: AZ]
You know,
You know people that be
Pattin themselves on the back,
Like they doin' good deeds
And they, they're really good for nothing
Ya dig
Got a little story too
Bout a jewel or two
Kick back, lets get to it

[Verse 1]
Father figure,
Seen ya a lot bigger
There at my birth
But he vanished off Earth
Managed without avenge
But damnet it hurt
To famished to understand it
So it branded on shirts
Faster child
Not half his style
Quiet on the attack
But the laugh is loud
Apparent when I react
But his mask they now
See I could've learned more
If we wouldn't have been poor
And proud of the seed
You probably wouldn't have had to leave
Or should I say left
Do I hate you to death?
Wouldn't say that
But I will say this
Stated on records
On the real you ain't shit
Left me all alone
Rest in peace unknown
Especially for not reppin me
I'm definitely grown
I know what I felt
Bein a problem myself
If you need a help in hand
I wouldn't bother to help
That's my word

[AZ Talking]
Good for nuttin' ass nigga
It was you right
When I needed to learn how to ride a bike
You know, had to ride the bike to school and all that
Good for nuttin' ass nigga
Sperm doner
I'm good money though

[Verse 2]
Fresh out the hood
She stood like a Queen
Even in sneakers looked good in her jeans
Occasional loop the reefer
Her walk was mean
Pretend she was there
So I was all in her ear
Stepped up a year
Jewels were given
She was so far sighted
Had them improvin vision
Life decisions guided her through
Confidence convinced that she was brand new
And ya'll time came
She got it from main vein
And turned to a beast
I was turnin' in my sleep
She forgot about the person that turned her out
Gave her the push
Made her gold dish
Told her when to shush,
When to express herself
Figured she'd pull her shit out on somebody else
But she chose me and chose to OD
So I chose to pack clothes,
And left her lonely

[AZ Talking]
You know, I mean
You could have all the outer beauty in the world
But if the inner don't match
You're good for nothin
You on top
Till a nigga won't fuck
But once it get deeper
See you in the mirage
And that smoke and mirrors
You're good for nothin' B
Fuck you too
I'm Gone

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