Fuck like us
For once and you wish you had not
Unlocked that box, it was curious
But so many things that you hate hate hate
Sick of sucking up dust
In a dream you had smashed
A pot that bust into
A million pieces that you cannot hate hate hate hate hate

There's not enough powers in the day
Hey hey
There's not enough powers in the day
Hey hey

Got a horn from a rubber mask, and put it on my head
It was glued to hold it there, to block the stuff that you said
It was gum on the spearmint, yeah
He poured it into my hands

There's not enough powers in the day
There's not enough powers in the day

Got a job at a party shop, waiting for my check
Thought the mask was the dream I had, it was the devil instead
Twist the tile to reveal a ball
Saw the image and
Posh was making off
A monocle he owns
Was seeing things
Clearer than my own two eyes
Preachers on the wall
Excessive is it all
Jumping off and falling on the floor

There's not enough powers in the day
Hey hey
There's not enough powers in the day
Hey hey

Took the trash to the bluest box
and threw it into its mouth

A thousand wigs that will do,
for shifting shapes into others,
and twisting waves in the air,
and disappointing our fathers.

I put the hair in a bag,
was tangled up for a bit,
and separate every strand,
to make them softer again.

I find myself in this can
Every now and again
There is a simple truth
at the bottom of it

Now there's a lock on that can
Keeping us out of it
I brought a girl over there
She never called me again

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    General CommentNick is a weirdo, he might be saying "powers" he might be saying "hours"

    who cares, tell me what you hear.

    eat my shorts
    pandavibrationson November 08, 2010   Link
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    Lyric CorrectionWierd ass lyrics but great song, i love these guys.However in the part where it says

    "Preachers on the wall
    Excessive is it all"

    It sounds to me like he's saying

    "Creatures on the wall,
    Accessories and all"

    Also I think in the 3rd verse he says

    "rubber mask from the dream I had,"

    Other than that looks all good to me, kinda hard to decipher what Nick says sometimes.

    Explomonkeyon January 07, 2011   Link
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    General CommentI know for a fact in at least the second line in the chorus he says hours not powers.

    To me, the song seems to be about a costume shop or "party shop" and the images within
    amberlon June 10, 2013   Link

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