Art is dead, art is dead
Art is dead, art is dead

Entertainers like to seem complicated
But we're not complicated
I can explain it pretty easily
Have you ever been to a birthday party for children
And one of the children won't stop screaming
Cause he's just a little attention attractor
When he grows up to be a comic or actor
He'll be rewarded for never maturing
For never understanding or learning
That every day can't be about him
There's other people you selfish asshole

I must be psychotic, I must be demented
To think that I'm worthy of all this attention,
Of all of this money you worked really hard for
I slept in late while you worked at the drug store.
My drug's attention, I am an addict
but I get paid to indulge in my habit
It's all an illusion, I'm wearing make-up
I'm wearing make-up, make-up, make-up, make-up

Art is dead, so people think you're funny
How do you get those people's money?
Art is dead, we're rolling in dough
While Carlin rolls in his grave, in his grave, in his grave.

This show has got a budget
The show has got a budget
And all the poor people way more deserving of the money won't budge it
Cause I wanted my name in lights
When I could have fed a family of four
For forty fucking fortnights, forty fucking fortnights

I am an artist, please god forgive me
I am an artist, please don't revere me
I am an artist, please don't respect me
I am an artist, feel free to correct me
A self-centered artist, self-obsessed artist
I am an artist, I am an artist

But I'm just a kid, I'm just a kid, kid
And maybe I'll grow out of it

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    General Comment@cassilac

    The preceding line is "the show has got a budget". So essentially he is saying that the money used to create his show (including, presumably, his own fee) could have been given to a more deserving cause (i.e. the poor), but he didn't want to give the money away (i.e. the poor people couldn't "budge it") - as he "wanted his name in lights". This is all about artistic guilt; he is asking, why am I engaged in this self-indulgent, decadent activity while people are struggling to survive?

    Personally, I think he's being a little hard on himself! At least what he's doing isn't destructive, unlike some other professions we could mention..... Great song though.
    alyipon June 05, 2012   Link
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    General CommentSurprised this is the first comment. I'd say this is his best song. As far as meaning goes, it seems pretty obvious. An apology, getting somethings off his chest; he seems to be almost regretting his fame/fortune.
    salsapunisher101on December 20, 2010   Link
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    General CommentI love him first off, secondly It's always cool when people are critical of their own group when their group is privileged. He's saying that at some point when an artist becomes successful they become the epitome of everything their art stood against, it's really interesting.
    Lovey30on September 25, 2016   Link
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    General CommentI think this is probably one of Bo's most introspective songs (and best) because he is critiquing the business he has worked to be a part of. Saying "Art is Dead" isn't a call to just some entertainment, it's a call to ALL entertainment and even his own content. Bo has constantly in interviews and his work mentioned things like the "end of culture" and the "death of creativity" because at this point there is no originality. Everything has been done before. His own work is subject to this criticism as well because he knows that since everything has a basis it's just a recycling. Art is not dead because it's bad, Art is dead because at this point we are just reusing it's carcass until we run out. There is no more importance in art, it's not as influential as it used to be. It died out of lack of creativity and originality and has just been taken from bit by bit.
    maddiehoneybeeon October 18, 2016   Link
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    General CommentI'm assuming "While Carlin rolls in his grave, in his grave, in his grave" refers to George Carlin. Though (Bill) Hicks would have been more appropriate imho.
    ReX342on January 23, 2012   Link
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    General CommentI have only one question, what does the "And all the poor people way more deserving of the money won't budge it" mean? I get it's saying that rich people are gonna stay rich, but does that line mean poor people won't ever even see the money? That it's going from rich to rich? Help me out! lol
    cassilacon May 07, 2012   Link

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