"Purr Like A Cat" as written by and Travis Tatum/hartikainen Mills....
She had real nice style with wings on her back,
Wings on her back,
Wing, wings on her back.
She has swag like mine and ones in her crack,
Ones in her crack,
One, ones in her crack.
She had a real fine ass so I hit it from the back,
Hit it from the back,
Hit it, hit it from the back.
And when I had the pussy I made her purr like a cat,
Purr like a cat,
Purr, purr like a cat.

I had my first stripper at the age of 16,
Had me feeling like the club was the place to be,
I swear I couldn't wait 'till she got off the clock,
So we could go back to her spot and she'd hop on top.
She would dance to rap, but listen to rock;
We'd be fuckin' to Kiss and then I'd switch it to Pac.
She would drive me around and pay for my shit,
And I never got jealous of the dudes that she hit.

I got private dancers in the VIP,
Champagne, Rumor, co-workers, and me.
Took me in through the back so I chill 'till three,
And when the club closed, back to her W suite.
HA, and I thought she was so right for me,
Truth be told spent every night with me.
Talkin' on the phone,
Never trying to fight with me,
I almost though she would spend her whole life with me.


She was sexy as hell with a real short fuse.
Tough love on her hands,
And face tattoos.
But one day I picked up her kick and bad news,
Textin' her ex "I love and miss you's".
Like Damn I'm trying to get away from this scene.
Now fucking bitch is try to be Kat Von D;
Not to mention,
How much she love the attention
From anyone and everyone who show her affection.

I wasn't trying to waste my time with that.
One of her friends on my lap,
Yeah, I'm fine with that.
Thought to myself I guess its time that I got her back;
Plus I hear her friend Michelle has a nice pussycat.
In the end I had the last fucking laugh,
Because she is still the bitch gettin naked for cash.
And now I am the kid makin money over tracks,
And you can't hate the real
'Cause I'm only spillin facts.



I had, I had, I had those ones in my hand
You had, you had, you had this need for a man
I had, I had, I had those bills in my hand
You had, you had, you had this need for a man

I got my girl ion the hush and
Love on the low down
You were so untamable
I just had to figure you out
I'm glad you let me figure you out

You were different from the rest of them
Better than the best of them
You were so untamable
I'm glad you let me figure you out
I just had to figure you out

(Chorus x2)

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