Who gives a holler hootenanny
Franny in her granny pantie
Rubbin butter on her fanny
Stub toe while I sleep like candy
In the summertime provided fun
Viewing for the family
Reverse verse
She kept a shovel in her purses
If a tech mechanic failed to rev her engine
She's just as patient as a nurse
Boredom is worse
It wasn't fair I saw her first in the headline
On her knees is where she shines
Looking down at the rapid movement of her wrist on my groin
Like she was giving me the time
It was a quarter to nine
Up already I'm sure as hell it wasn't mine
So why they anger Anti?
Tobacco compartment where dirty tricks spit
I think that uncouth
It moves to tell the truth of work of fiction
After panther barely up when they speak
I tie her with a *
And that's word to the one
Sued by the bird on it's beak
Tiger want fox mister sonic phonic quantic tectonic
Check out my melody
Murderous flows felony

I hear what you're telling me
You have too much grease on the TV screen though
You're not getting a clear picture
Cause it makes it hard to discern the subtle difference between lackluster and terrible

Aw, you gotta be kidding me
Some of you don't know what you're doin when you're spewin
Ruin the chance to advance the art form
I surf planets and prepare them for change
I emote cosmic coats
Most think that I'm strange
I produce and engineer but this time I'm here to rhyme
And Tobacco made the track but I'm
Stressed cause these humans refuse to want peace
The news just the tools for fools to spread grief
Darkness is the absence of light so I shine
Bright like a beacon I'm reaching across time
Is an illusion just seek and you'll find
Don't care to listen your loss, not mine
My name is Earl B L A I Z E
The old agenda will be spit sickly
Yes, anti-pop drama class is with me
Name of this track is TV all greasy
Relationships are not easy
But to remain castoff is cheesy
To campaign hard then you might try to endorse me with political spin using cylindrical force and just

Pulled it like a charlie horse get it across
Now she's screaming like a car alarm for a divorce
Praise of us was only wonderful
Super unfrontable
On the sly in a bow tie
New Sammy Davis without the glass eye
Crews of layers take requests play straight
labels trade their astral cigarettes and MCs fed on scraps like strays
I don't understand their ways
Their threats of daylight are foolish
Not the gain at the bottom of the river

Lyrics submitted by RyanWilhite

TV All Greasy (Feat. Anti-Pop Consortium) song meanings
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