[Story: John Boden - discernible excerpts]
"It wasn't that large;
kind of like the size of a big truck, maybe.
I always thought a UFO would be shiny
or bright or something,
but this was kinda organic,
almost like a vegetable:
sort of a big gray sweet potato, but not quite.
Had these tubes hanging down from the bottom
like squid arms or something,
but they glowed all different colors:
blue to yellow to red.
When it got to red, colors started flashing
faster and faster.
After a minute or so, I realized
it was kinda pulsing in time with my heartbeat,
and that made me scared.
() two minutes earlier

You know, I've seen fire in the sky a few times,
and I tried running from my truck.
I run and run and went nowhere,
and then got all wavy,
sort of like looking over the road in the summer
when the ()'s hot
and my skin started to ()
then my feet, itching and vibrating,
and I heard a high whining sound
like a
(inside my head)
and then everything kinda gets
all busted up after that.
Then all I remember is I'm () shadows,
tall and skinny, and of short () too.

was all wet, and it smelled like
the river after a dry spell.
I couldn't move,

I hear voices talking all weird,
like they was ()

moving shadows.
It's still dark

I could feel them in my head,
my thoughts are all crowded

I could taste blood in the back of my throat,
and this feeling comes over me.
() cool weather,
nice feeling, kinda like a nice big "whoosh"

felt like that in my soul
and as scared as I was, I couldn't help but smile,
and I don't remember much after that.
Woke up in a ditch near my truck;
I wasn't naked or nothing,
but my clothes was on backwards.
But I will say, I was clear. Everything seemed uncluttered.
Everything is uncluttered now.
There's no background noise in my soul, nor in my head.
I can see and think clearly, and it's wonderful...
kinda like I was touched by the hand of God."

Lyrics submitted by Octavarium64

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